PUBLISHING: 6 More Reasons Why You Need to Author a Book by Brian Mast

brian mastDavid’s $2000 leadership program was a benefit to businesses. His challenge was that it took six weeks of talking, explaining, and selling to get his prospects to the point of purchase. Then David had an idea!


We created an easy-to-read book together (5.5×8.5, 128-page paperback) that had an underlying purpose: help readers realize they needed help. The help was the leadership program!


Then David and his sales team gave the books to all their prospects. The book cost less than $2 to print and it condensed the 6 weeks of talk time down to less than 3 hours of reading … and sales of the program went straight up!


Giving away a $2 book that helped increase sales of a $2000 leadership program, now that was a no-brainer!


Here are 6 more reasons why authoring a book will help you grow your business:


 #7—You give a lot from stage, but statistics show that people will forget virtually everything you say within 30 days.

Your book is a permanent text that can be studied, underlined, and applied by those who want to learn what you are teaching. Without your book, they will walk away with almost nothing from you


#8—You can multiply your efforts.

It is impossible to tell your story and share your message, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, like your book is able to do. A book is passed around and recommended, and it consistently gives the same accurate information. What’s more, others can teach others when they have your book in hand. Multiplication begins with a book!


#9—You have already done the hard part by preparing.

One of the secrets to getting the book out of you is to do what works for you. If you like to speak, then speak the text out, record it, and there is the basic text of your book. Or you may need to set aside a weekend to get the book out of you. I helped one businessman create his book from a 2-day interview session. The process was simple and smooth. Either way, once you have prepared your speech, your book has taken shape.


#10—You can speak in other languages without being bilingual.

You can multiply your reach with a book in another language. Once the book is written in English, getting it translated, produced, and printed is quite fast. Whether you travel and speak in those other markets or countries, you have a tool that can do just that. At the very least, having your book in another language has great PR value.


#11—Your book is the perfect upselling tool.

A book is a natural part of what you offer your customers, whether you include your book as part of registration, as a separate item at the end of your presentation, as part of a combo pack, or as part of something else. Whatever your plan, your book adds value to you and effectively moves people toward a closer connection with you, and that usually includes more business for you!


#12—Your book is crying to come out.

Every leader has a book or two or 10 inside of them. Most likely, it is a goal that is crying out, year after yet. Now is the time to do it! Mark it off your list, satisfy your “bucket list” craving, and get your book created, produced, and out to the world! You owe it to yourself … and it will silence that crying sound you have listened to for years!


Wouldn’t it be great to have a book in hand that accomplished these 6 things! Imagine the business growth that could come to you and your team if you had such a book in everyone’s hands!


It’s possible. It’s necessary. It will be great … and we will show you how.



Brian Mast (founder of is a best-selling author, publisher, and entrepreneur. He helps authors create books that grow and multiply their businesses. Over the years he has helped produce, edit, or publish 100s books with millions of copies in print. He lives in the Nashville, TN area. Brian Mast and George Madiou have teamed up to create, the publishing outlet for the thousands of networkers who have books inside of them that will positively impact the world. If this is you, contact us at



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