PUBLISHING: Create Your Book … from Your Blogs by Brian Mast

brian mastDenny was stuck. He knew that content was king, but he did not have the time or energy or skill (or so he thought) to write a full book. He wanted a book, but he felt he could never accomplish that goal.


He did, however, have the time, energy, and skill to write blogs. He was good, his thoughts were insightful, and what he said was of value to his growing fan base. But in short bites, probably no more than two pages in a book, he knew his book would never come to be …

but he was so very wrong!


His blogs were perfect for the short, punchy reading that people want today. Admittedly, not every book (especially a novel or an in-depth training book) can come from blogged content, but many books are ideally suited for content that first originated in a blog.


Odds are that your book could come from your blogs!


What’s helpful is that you have already worked to edit and refine your blog, which means the text is pretty clean. With some formatting for print, perhaps rearranging the order or pooling some of the blogs, and a great cover, you will have your book.


So, if you have the time, energy, and skill (as did Denny) to write blogs, then most likely you have a book or two of content that could be revised, repackaged, and ready to go to press!


Power-packed books, with many short chapters, are often great motivational, inspirational, and encouraging reads because they are able to give us the quick boost we need.

You can do it. Watch this:


  1. Suppose your finished book is a 5×7 paperback (glossy color cover, b/w text inside)
  2. And it has 80 or maybe 96 pages
  3. And if every blog is two or three pages in that small 5×7 book, then …
  4. You are ONLY talking about 25-40 blogs!


If you blog every week, you literally could have a full book in a few short months! Most likely though, you have several books worth of content that you have already blogged!


Now that was not so hard, was it?


Collect your blogs, choose the best ones, and put them in a single document on your computer. When you have 25-40 of them, you are ready. Done and ready to go!


A small book like this is an ideal gift book, upselling tool, door opener, gig getter, referral generator, or thank you “card” for new clients. Whatever your plans for the book, you have done the hard work!


If you blog and if you need a book to grow and multiply what you are doing, then you are well positioned to take things to the next level. They say “luck” is when preparation and opportunity meet. You have done the preparation work, and opportunity is knocking.


You decide what you are going to do now.




Brian Mast
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