PUBLISHING: The Part-Time Art of Book Creation by Brian Mast

brian mastPaul was busy with his networking business. But he wanted to create a book. He knew a book would bring him increased respect, recognition, and open doors. He also knew that his book would also be an easy sell to his downline … and the better trained they were, the greater their sales and retention.

He just didn’t have time.

But he did go for walks every morning in the forest with his dog. The hour-long walks were good in many ways.

Why not record himself talking (Paul was a talker) as he walked? So he tried it. He bullet-listed several topics he wanted his book to contain. Then with his list in hand, he went for his walks, talking through each bullet and the accompanying stories, training, and principles.

Eight days later, Paul had about 90% of his book’s content out in one place.

He sent me his audios, and after transcription, they served as the bulk of his book. Several weeks later, after the creation phase process (of editing, organizing, tweaking, writing, researching, etc. done by a qualified book creator), Paul had a full manuscript that needed only a few additional stories and some minor tweaks.

Full book created on a very part-time schedule!

Paul took his book to his team and accomplished the goals he envisioned.


If you are a talker, like Paul, you may have already talked out your text and have it recorded somewhere. That is the bulk of your book! If you haven’t talked it out, begin to record your trainings and presentations. Or start going for walks.

In no time, and definitely part-time, you will have the content out of you. Then it’s ready to send to a book creator.

If you are a writer, begin with the same bullet list, and type out each bullet point. No writer’s block there.

Whatever your preferred way of getting your book content out of you, you can find the time.

That is the simple part-time art of book creation.

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Brian Mast
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