Network Marketing: If it’s so good how come so many people fail? by Jillian Middleton

Jillian MiddletonWhen we don’t give ourselves and our downlines these basic business tools we have chaos— and chaos has never been known to be a friend of business… or a desirable life. Ever feel like you’re trying to give away a virus rather than answers to some of life’s problems? It’s crazy making isn’t it.

You feel so passionate about your business, because you know it works. You personally have had some success. Your upline is wildly successful. You know this can put financial freedom within reach.

What gives? This business isn’t really hard. All you have to do is make a list of everyone you know and go show them your product (it practically sells itself!). And then sign ‘em up. Start your home-based business today and fire your boss. It’s fun and no more corporate America. Own your own life. I mean after all, it isn’t brain surgery? If they can fog a mirror they can do network marketing. For that matter, put a note in dog’s mouth and the dog can do this business! Anyone can do this business. It’s just the “three foot rule, “If they are within three feet talk to them!”  NULL I heard this when I started my network marketing business. And 20 years later I still read and hear it. And though there is truth in these statements I cringe. This isn’t brain surgery and typically most people can do this. I do believe that Network Marketing is very much the “People’s Franchise.” And yes, it can be fun. It should be fun. And you can own your life. But if the above is true, that anyone can do this business then let me throw out a few questions to you:

  • Why it is so difficult sometimes to sponsor people into your business?
  • Why do so many who start a business have such a tough time getting into action?
  • Why is it so hard to keep those who do start a business in action?

There is a good chance I don’t know you. But if you are working a network marketing business there is also a good chance that I’ve tapped right into your experience… and if not your experience, I’ll guarantee you have downline who struggle with those three issues… and more! Why is this so? Network Marketing does not deserve a bad rap.

  • People do make money… lots of it.
  • This business offers people an opportunity to have just about anything they want.
  • You can fire your boss.
  • You can own your life.
  • It can be fun.
  • But it’s going to take more than a dog with a wagging tail or a simple three foot rule to get you there.

Cause and Effect I’m not sure when I fully “got” that it was me and only me who was responsible for the life I live. I make decisions every day that cause things to happen in my life (or not happen). The changes may show themselves immediately, like going to Sicily and eating too many calories that translate into immediate pounds! Some of my actions today may take a while to bring on their effects. For example a good strong sustainable marketing program may not give me the same immediate caloric results 😉 but in the long run it will strengthen my business and improve my gross financial earnings.

If I don’t like what is going on in my life, my job is to make different kinds of decisions, have different goals and take different actions. When I do, voila, new results!

We all know the definition of insanity. Keep doing the same things over and over and expect different results. Often it is recognizing that we need to do something different that opens our eyes to the possibility that a home based business may be the answer to change some of things we don’t like in our lives. The firing your boss thing is real, in network marketing you are your own boss.

  • No one tells you when to go to work.
  • No one determines what kind of money you make.
  • No one micro manages you.
  • You get to stay home with the kids.

So, if being your own boss means this kind of freedom, why do so many people who start a home based business quit– fail– or worse, never really get started? Why is network marketing so tough? Corporate America, Yuk The answer is simple and it won’t be very popular. We don’t tell it like it is. After nearly 20 years in network marketing and then another six years coaching the network marketing industry

I believe we are responsible for our “not so stellar reputation” and it’s because we don’t tell it like it is.

This is what I mean. As a business coach one of my goals is to get you to think like an entrepreneur. But I run into a fair amount of resistance, because of the notion that we don’t want to be like Corporate America. Somehow the idea that running your home business like a real business translates into “being like Corporate America” and that’s not okay. Beware of this. Be really careful if you’re a Corporate America ex-patriot or if you find yourself repeating the phrase “not like Corporate America,” that you don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Here’s what I mean by that. So many times people come to me hoping for the “magic words” to get everyone to say “Yes.” But the big truth is there are no magic words. There only are excellent simple tools that make every working day productive. But if that’s true, why do so many people seem to struggle in Network Marketing? Why does network marketing have the less than stellar reputation it has? The answer: We are often our own worst enemy. Here is the deal folks, you cannot tell someone network marketing is like a winning lottery ticket… it isn’t, it’s a business.

What you can tell them is that it takes simple business foundations based on learning and fun to have the kind of life you want with network marketing.

I made my mind up when I was 23 (a lot of years ago) I didn’t ever want to be a part of Corporate America again. I didn’t want someone else to determine my future or tell me when to work or when not to work. So, I started out on my entrepreneurial path. But that didn’t mean that I jettisoned good solid business foundations. I just jettisoned the jerks and the nonsense rules. Do you see the difference? All businesses need good foundational business tools. All businesses. That includes knowing when you’re going to show up for work and when the workday ends. Real brick and mortar business hours. The difference now; it is your business, you determine those hours. You also determine the hours you spend with your family – away from the business. When we don’t give our downlines these basic business tools we have chaos and I’ve never known that to be a friend of business… or a desirable life. None of this constant double tasking with the phone stuck to your ear. Or being like Pavlov’s dog and answering the phone every time it rings.

Think about that for a minute. Is the business you’re in so life-threatening you need to respond immediately every time the phone rings?

And yes, there are ways to create these boundaries without your team falling apart. In fact it will make it stronger. How attractive do you think it is to run your life around people calling you? hmmmm Now that you determine your future— you do own your life— it means having a clear idea of exactly what it is you’re going to do in the time that makes you money. Those activities (I call them money making activities) typically come out of a financial projection each month. Yes, I know Corporate America does financial projections and they hold people accountable to those projections. But just because big business does it doesn’t mean we don’t. It means we do it differently from them. You have one of those life-changing choices here. You can put this article down now..
. or keep reading to see if you can get some of the angst out of your business by adding in a friendly way to turn your process from hobbyville to business. First, you determine what kind of volume you need to generate in order to make the money you want to make. And then you determine the exact activity you need to do in order to make the money. This may sound difficult, but that’s only because you don’t have the simple steps under your belt. If you have a modicum of sense and a desire to have something you don’t have now, you can learn to do this and do it without the stress of Corporate America. Now here is what’s funny about this. We often jettison tools like keeping a good clean calendar, real store hours, financial projections, goals, because they feel and look too much like Corporate America. After all we’re supposed to be having fun here and we’ve fired our boss. And yet where is our attention? What question do we ask when we talk to our recruits, “Who did you sponsor this week? Or How much volume did you sell?”


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