It’s Time… by John Milton Fogg

John Milton FoggThe transformation of the business formerly known as MLM  My next book. I want to know what you think. The working title is: It’s Time… The transformation of the business formerly known as MLM

This is an important book about intelligent network marketing… authentic network marketing… network marketing as it should be and really isn’t quite yet.

It’s a passionate manifesto full of rants about ‘what’s right’ with network marketing and what must become ‘right’—right now—written by a collection of the best thinkers and feelers in our business. Here’s the deal. Seth Godin assembled 33 of “the world’s best business thinkers” to write a book called ‘The Big Moo’.  NULL It’s about being part of a movement he described as, “… the movement of the unstuck, the movement of people who want to make real change, to make things remarkable”. Seth’s doing it in the ‘straight’ world of business. We’re doing it in network marketing. This book is a series of essaysbetween 25 words (yes, twenty-five words, or less) and 2500 words (with many to most somewhere between 250 and 750 words—one to three pages). Strong, straight, focused jabs… right and left uppercuts… knock-out punches all. I’m looking for (and only accepting) powerful… what’s right (or must become right)… what’s needed (whether wanted or not)… truth-telling and truth-yelling… passionate, thought and action-provoking rants… telling it like it should bes, must bes… ‘I hate it when you hold back…’ Not! No kidding.

Radical, Revolutionary, ReEvolutionary… Remarkable thinking/ feeling/ writing about the real business of our business…

. What’s right—really right with this business…. What IS remarkable now and can be, should be, will be… What’s missing (and needs putting in place)… What MUST change NOW! What’s wrong and what will make it right… What’s more and better prospecting, training, leadership, retailing, compensation planning, law, meetings, policies and procedures, biz op, biz opp, professionalizing, tools, skills, networking, marketing… you name it…. Above all, what would be IDEAL…

Calling spades spades… slaughtering sacred cows… myth destroying… right thing championing… cause celebs… author’s MP3 (My Pleasure Passion Purpose)… cause marketing… because marketing… cutting through the ‘bule schtan’… cirque de’soli.

(As would be asked in my former life) Can you dig it…? Really IMPORTANT things to say…. Really IMPORTANT things that need to be heard…. The Jets are in town. We’re gonna’ rumble. In/out, let’s get crackin’ Three kinds of people are contributing in the book: Well-known authors, experts, trainers, teachers from outside the business. Paul Pilzer, Dr. Denis Waitley, Kiyosaki, Gerber, Seth and Tom (as in Peters, I wish and I’m still trying)… Well-known authors, experts, trainers, teachers from inside the business. Brooke, Clements, Gage, Klaver, Locke, Schreiter, Middleton, JD Mann…. Un-known (outside their own companies) field leaders who can write and have something important to say: Warren Nelson, Jackie Ulmer, Mike Dlouhy, Paula Pritchard, others. Here’s my list so far. Yes, you’ll see my old favorites, people I admire for very good reasons. And, you’ll notice omissions…. Richard Brooke Kim Klaver Carol McCall Paul Zane Pilzer Robert Kiyosaki Randy Gage Jerry Clark Art Jonak Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter John David Mann Mike Dlouhy Chris Gross Tom Paredes Teresa Romain Bob Scheinfeld Rod Cook Len Clements Paula Pritchard Mike Lewis Nicki Keohohou Cheryl Gonzales Bob Proctor Jillian Middleton Michael Gerber Warren Nelson Seth Godin Rod Nichols Linda Locke Dianna Hendricks Jackie Ulmer Denis Waitley More… The method of printing will be unique. That’s it. That’s all. The Book has begun. So, your thoughts? Let me know, Thanks for your time and attention. I appreciate you!


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John Milton Fogg
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