Make Your Presentation MORE Powerful With a Book by Brian Mast

brian mastElizabeth knew the moment her audience walked out of the room… most would forget what she had just taught. She also knew the even grimmer statistic that within one month, only 1% would remember anything she had said.

To make a bigger impact in the lives of those she desired to train, Elizabeth created a book. It was basically her presentation, with additional stories added in. It took her a few short weeks to create it.

Now, armed with a book, she knows she has a tool that can make a long-lasting impact in the lives of her audience.

She also:

      1. Has a freebie to give away

      2. Knows the book gives her increased respect in her network

      3. Has something to sell from the back of the room

      4. Can charge more if she wants to include a book with registration

      5. Trusts that the book will tell her story over and over

      6. Understands referrals are coming her way through word-of-mouth and copies of her book in circulation

The presentation itself was about 80% of Elizabeth’s book. So she took an hour one evening and gave her presentation, recording it as she talked. After getting it transcribed, a few additional stories and notes were all she needed to add.

That was it. She had her first book.

If you regularly give presentations, you could have a small book per presentation. Why not? If a book makes a bigger impact, brings you more income, and opens more doors … what are you waiting for?

Let your book be part of your next presentation.


Make Your Presentation MORE Powerful With a Book

Brian Mast

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