NETWORK MARKETING PUBLISHING: Your Why is Your Selling Point by Brian Mast

brian mastTerry’s book will have just come off the press when you read this. He is speaking at an event where there are 500 people in attendance. These individuals are business leaders who recognize Terry as an expert in his field (finding lending solutions for businesses).

These leaders want to take a piece of Terry back to their own networks so they can better serve their own clients.

Wisely, Terry put together a small 5×7 paperback book that is only 64 pages long. His books are for sale to these leaders at around $4/book. Priced cheap so they can be given away!

His book? It is simply a collection of 10 stories about customers who found answers. Every story is a strong WHY every reader ought to do business with Terry.

And here is the best part… every single business leader who gives away a book gets a commission fee for every person who signs up with Terry.

Smart move!

Terry is using his WHY as his strong selling point. He found a way to get it in front of the right market. And he has a team of people doing it for him!

You have a strong WHY! No doubt you do… and that WHY is a strong selling point.

Collect your stories. You have to have them somewhere. Pull them out and put them into a book. It might be a tool that brings a 100 or 1000 fold return!

PDF-2 Your Why is Your Selling Point by Brian Mast


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Brian Mast
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