MLM History: A Momentous Day in Network Marketing History! by Ron Henley

ron-henly-jpegSaturday, March 4, 1961, was a crucial day for Chicago, Illinois… and network marketing history.

Two life changing events took place on that fateful day. One changed lives by wreaking total havoc and devastation. One changed lives by giving hope and inspiration.

J. Earl Shoaff was the President and Co-Founder of a food supplement company called Nutri-Bio. Formed in July of 1957, the company crafted a vision unmatched at the time.

Positive thinking, positive eating, and positive living were the core values that drove everyone who became involved.

On that day, around 5pm, an F2 Tornado struck Chicago’s South Side, leaving an estimated $7 million in damages. At that same time, Mr. Earl Shoaffwas wrapping up his speech in the ballroom at the Conrad Hilton Hotel.

One event destroyed while the other created.

In the middle of the storm, people were inspired, enlightened, motivated, and were shown a vision of all that was possible for themselves and for all of humanity. That day, rising like a Phoenix out of the ashes of the Chicago destruction, LEGENDS were created in that ballroom!

Jim Rohn was in that room!

As the brand new Executive Vice-President of the Canadian division, Jim was on stage with his mentor, and personally witnessed this incredible moment in network marketing history.

Nutri-Bio was more than a corporation.

It was more than a food supplement company.

It was more than a group of dedicated individuals.

It was an IDEA!

An idea you carried in your heart, in your mind, and in your being.

This idea gave people hope.

This idea gave people inspiration.

This idea gave people motivation.

This idea crafted a magnificent vision of a future they were excited to be a part of. A vision that pulled them in like a magnet. It represented the very best of life.

In every aspect.

In every nuance.

This idea attracted people of the highest caliber. People who have directly and indirectly influenced millions and millions of others. People who are recognized as the master builders and prime movers of network marketing profession.

Rich Schnackenberg

Jim Rohn

William E Bailey

Robert DePew

William Penn Patrick

Zig Ziglar

Mary Kay AshMary Kay Ash

And SO many more!

We’re Talking About The Very ORIGINS of Network Marketing!

In 1964, William Penn Patrick took these ideas and formed a cosmetics company called Holiday Magic. This company is where “Dare To Be Great” Legend Glenn W. Turner got his start.

It is where Sales Legend Ben Gay III got his start.

It is where Entrepreneur Larry Huff got his start.

It is wzig ziglerhere Zig Ziglar continued to hone his skills and attitudes.

In 1966, Bill Bailey took these ideas and started a company called Bestline Products. Robert DePew, Jim Rohn, and Larry Huff joined and helped build Bestline into what was described as “Camelot”.

Bestline Products was where the iconic Larry Thompson got his start in 1967. The 19 year old “long-haired hippy construction worker” used what they taught him to become a NINE FIGURE EARNER in the profession.

Larry Thompson passed his knowledge on to Jeff Roberti, who used it to become an eight figure earner, closing in on nine figures himself.

Larry taught Bill Gould, who taught Robert Hollis, who continues to teach others today.

In 1977Jim_Rohn, Jim Rohn was giving a seminar in California. In his audience was a young Mark Hughes who was ready to put what he learned into action. Mark had already met Larry Thompson in a company called Golden Youth and, together with Jim Rohn, they built a mega-giant called Herbalife. When Mark Hughes passed away, he was worth $400,000,000!

Dale Calvert June 2016A young IBM worker, born in a town of 400 called Stamping Ground, Kentucky, heard a cassette tape by Zig Ziglar that opened everything up for him. That man’s name is Dale Calvert who became an eight figure earner and now shares all he has learned with people all over the world.

The list goes on and on…

March 4, 1961 was indeed a momentous day because, in the midst of tragedy, something miraculous was born that continues to inspire and motivate generations of network marketers some fifty-five years later.

Once again…thank you, Mr. Shoaff!

PDF-2 A Momentous Day in Network Marketing History! by Ron Henley


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