Choice….. by Julio Varela

Julio VarelaHOW MANY TIMES DO WE question what we do, have done or would like to do?

There are moments in our life that stand out, that make us think outside the box, moments that shake us to our core, moments that talk to us through our inner power, moments that are more intuitively driven than logically thought through.

It is in these moments that our life either changes, and seems to move into another realm we thought didn’t exist or was possible for us to reach, or our life just continues upon its trajectory into oblivion.

Some might call these moments life changing, others might just call them blasphemous, for these moments can actually bring glimpses of doubt, or sometimes plain revelations that unravel the strenuous pull of the chain of ignorance that we have been tied to since birth.

At the moment when we finally are released from the fear of challenging the imposed and ingrained beliefs of others is when we start living our life in our own terms. The emancipation of our thoughts, the tearing away from the opinions of others, the breaking away from the control of the dogmas implanted in our belief system are all signs that we have decided to change. All of a sudden it seems as though we have been submerged underwater without realizing that we could actually come up to the surface and take a life saving breath of air for the first time in our life. It is like being blind without knowing that we could see, and all we had to do was open our eyes.

When we experience a moment that elicits not only our attention but 100% of our attention – a moment that irrevocably changes our life forever – is when we have in fact been resurrected or born again, is when we start living – not just existing. Finally finding yourself doesn’t necessarily carry a religious or divine connotation, it is more like finding that universal gravitational pull that brings you into the harmony and balance found in the cosmic matrix that unites us all.

For some there is an entity behind this matrix and for others everyone is the matrix in itself. For some believe that it’s an external, separate and superior Being that needs to be called by name and they call it God, for others it is a force that cannot be named and it is not external, nor separate, nor superior but it plainly is ALL OF EVERYTHING THAT IS.

That moment when you are liberated, when you realize you know, can be the loneliest you have ever felt or the happiest that you have ever been.

It is your choice to accept the responsibility of the greatness that you are part of or rejecting the power inside of you and permitting conventional ways to keep guiding and controlling your life.

This choice presents itself more than once through your life so it is not something that you will only get one crack at. No matter how many times you might be challenged to make this choice please remember that there are no good or bad decisions, you just continue living the life you choose to live.

The fact that you at least face the reality of thinking differently than you were brought up to think, is a huge accomplishment that many other people never get to experience. It doesn’t make you a more intelligent person, nor a better or worse person than others, it just simply gives you the choice to decide who you are or would like to be. It is very personal and at the same time very inclusive, for you decide or permit someone else to decide for you, it’s still your decision. The act of including or excluding others from your beliefs is a perfectly natural act of selection of who you want in your life and who you don’t.

This can only be understood by you when you select to accept or decline your conscious awareness of where you stand as part of this conundrum. Whatever you do with your life is your choice. The continuity of life waits for no one but is available to everyone. Allowing your life to unfold instead of trying to make your life what you want it to be will happen either way. The paradox lies in the moments where you are faced to decide what to think, and/or act; for no matter what you choose to do, it’s the right decision.

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