Baby Boomers… what are you doing with your experience? by Sean Murphy

SeanMurphyBaby Boomers –

What are you doing with your experience?

There are millennial’s that would really like to learn from you, that NEED to learn from you and you can earn income along the way!

Where can you find them, why would they listen?

The answer to both is Network Marketing! This powerful, baby boomer friendly profession is in great need of you and your talent. Let me see if I can do a good enough job explaining.

As a mentor to 100’s of top income earners around the globe, I hear the argument with all of them, we need more young people in our business.

My answer to that is… NO you don’t! Not till they gain some real world bruises and bumps, like we have.

Then I hear, …”it’s hard to talk to Baby Boomers”… and my answer to that is NO it’s not!

So why should you look at this industry that many of you think is an arms reach away from purse snatching? Because it’s the last profession that will not only pay you what you are worth… it will pay you more than you can imagine. IF.. and that is a big IF… IF you are ready to relearn how to make money in today’s economy.

3 Reasons you should look into this profession:

1. You have experience in helping and guiding people

2. Your age gives you built in credibility

3. You are grateful when you achieve success and you know what it takes.

3 Things to look for in a network marketing company

1. Are the products baby boomer friendly?

2. Can you share them and feel proud?

3. Will they appeal to the younger crowd easily?

If you can find these 6 things as you look, you may have found yourself your next ‘dream occupation’. You mean someone is going to pay me to get healthy, have fun talking with some folks, and maybe traveling to vacation destinations to build friendships and business?

There is that power in Network Marketing. I know because I coach so many Baby Boomers and the number continues to grow. I have couples in their 60’s 70’s and 80’s who are going strong and having their 2nd honeymoon, because of their company.

Hugs from Dallas… Sean


Baby Boomers… what are you doing with your experience? by Sean Murphy


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