Relationship Marketing Is Not About Funnels Or Traffic by Tony Cannuli

Relationship Marketing Is Not About Funnels Or Traffic

tony-cannuli We hear words online today like “Traffic” OR “Funnel”. also words like “Conversion” “Leads”.

Words are powerful.

The DNA of Direct Sales, Relationship Marketing has been and will always be RELATIONSHIPS! NO ONE wants to be thought of as a lead, put in a funnel and God knows we all hate traffic…) These “leads” and “traffic” represents our mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers!

The WORDS you use and the way you see people is POWERFUL in both a positive and negative way in your business and life.

Relationship Marketing is not about Funnels or Traffic. It is about connecting to another human being, Caring enough to help them and building their belief system in a way that empowers them and their family. Here is a powerful tip when dealing with people from today on:


That’s it! Practice that with the next 50-100 people you talk to and watch out!  Sadly most people are thought of as just a number:(
One company founder that understands the concept, people before profits is Kody Bateman. Kody’s main company seminar that inspires personal change is titled Treat Em Right! Kody’s seminars are all around in order to have more you must become more! Some of the best personal development experience you could have going through the Treat Em Right workshop.
This profession is without equal BUT what if more company owners and top field leaders thought like and ACTED like Kody for example, IT WOULD BE MAGICAL!

Here is a question to company owners and field leadership.

Is the way you are treating your potential business partners giving them the warm and fuzzies OR driving them to another company or leader that get what I am saying and Treats Em Right? Like family.

Greg Kite, a good friend and former 2 x NBA Champion (Boston Celtics/Orlando Magic) Now a Network Marketing Professional that I love and respect (we just did a video Interview  for The Network Marketing Magazine) is one of the most humble men I have ever met! He is a Awesome servant leader has 10 adopted children and treats all people as friends he hast met yet, Greg Treats Em Right!…)

One of my 1st mentors Richard Kall (50+ Million career earner) in his recent interview said there were a small group of people that he worked with, each one of them created millions in earnings not just for him but them as well! You know what Richard did? Treat Em Right!! How many millions in sales are you losing company owners? Or dollars to you field leaders are you losing because you didn’t “Treat Em Right”

Remember due to leverage 1 can lead you to 100, 1000, 10k, 100k or even a million plus distributors and customers! That is the math…

So my advice to you in Relationship Marketing my advice to you: Change your words from “Traffic” and “Funnel” OR “Prospect” and “Lead” to Family! New friend, Community, trusted advisor, business partner.
Do the right thing by people because it is the right thing and also Treat Em Right or they will go to companies and leaders that will Treat Em Right AND YOU WONT LOSE A FORTUNE…)



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