How Baby Boomers Are Using Reverse Mentoring To Learn Social Networking. by Max Steingart

How Baby Boomers Are Using Reverse Mentoring To Learn Social Networking. 


new-max-steingartAs network marketing companies hold their annual conventions the number of millennial’s on stage accepting awards for rising to the top of the business is increasing.  Millennial’s are rank advancing faster than Baby Boomers because they have lived on Facebook for years.


Successful network marketers from the ‘Baby Boomer’ generation are now turning to reverse mentoring to master Facebook.


Reverse mentoring is an innovative way to encourage learning and facilitate cross-generational relationships. It involves the pairing of a younger distributor acting as mentor to share expertise/knowledge with an older, senior distributor, as mentee.


Baby Boomers are tapping into the wealth of social media knowledge their younger distributors have or they risk continuing to fall behind.


The wave of millennial’s joining network marketing companies know how to maneuver on Facebook.  They know how to text message with their eyes closed. And they know how to set up a blog.


Brash young network marketers are rising in the ranks of their companies faster than the Baby Boomers.


So now, the Baby Boomer generation is looking to Generation Y to understand the nuances of the social network marketplace. Reverse mentoring as it’s called is taking place throughout the network marketing industry.


Reverse Mentoring was introduced to the corporate world by former General Electric CEO Jack Welsh who pioneered the concept when he ordered his top managers to meet regularly with young workers and learn how to use emerging technology.


Reverse mentoring is taking place in every company so that Baby Boomers can glean new skills and advice from their younger distributors.


Melanie had been the top distributor in her company for five years until she watch three younger women pass her in organization size and income as a result of their Facebook activity.


The benefits in reverse mentoring can often flow to both parties — a 61-year-old successful networker passes on historical knowledge, leadership tips and recruiting skills to a 25-year-old. The Gen Xer helps the baby boomer discover new ways to use Facebook to rejuvenate their business.


The biggest obstacle to reverse mentoring is pride.


The truth is that sometimes status gets in the way. It takes a bit of courage for some people to admit to a younger and less seasoned distributor that they need to know something especially if they’re in a top position.


To get past that, Baby Boomers should think about it as extracting information from whomever has the most knowledge.


Here is what makes each generational age-group tick:


  • Veterans — 61 and up: work comes first, dedicated, follow the rules


  • Baby Boomers — 42 to 60; optimistic, political at work, value teamwork


  • Generation X — 24 to 42; self-reliant, work is just a job, seek immediate feedback


  • Generation Y — 6 to 23: highly multi-tasking, multiple careers, globally oriented.


As Baby Boomers learn how to use Facebook to grow their business many are recruiting younger distributors who don’t know anything about network marketing but have thousands of Facebook friends.  The result is faster growth for everyone involved.




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