Women in Leadership and the Two Must Have Qualities By David Feinstein


 DavidLFeinsteinxTo handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

Women in leadership roles are more common than it was fifty years ago, however before the new millennium took hold; women faced so many issues that a box of Kleenex wouldn’t be enough to dry the tears. The feminist movement made great changes to the climate around the world, even though there are some parts of the world still living in the 3rd century. Women are powerful forces of their own right. Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote is dead on. Men just don’t have the light touch when it comes to some leadership elements.

When women became leaders in the following decades, life changed tremendously.

They felt a new fulfillment that still carries over across the industrial borders. While there are plenty of successes, there were also failures. The human spirit can endure and adapt to whatever situation the person is in. Not to say men during some of those times were gentle about the power shift. They often caused problems due to environmental and psychological backgrounds. However; we can celebrate the change and the growth of equal rights for women in the Western world.

Overcoming a Traditional World

Many women are great leaders and serve across the spectrum. To name a few prime examples; Queen Elizabeth the second, Indira Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher, Golda Meir, Mary Kay Ash, Anne Mulcahy and Indra Nooyi. The list shows a grand mix of political and business leaders to show that women are capable to withstand the torrent male dominated climate. They have and will always shape the future of business and the human landscape. They have broken the traditional world and are no longer a supporting agent of anyone but themselves.

True leaders stand against the storm and push their high morals and vision. Some will succeed, but the grit is the important to understand here. Leaders are born, but it takes the right skills to be an effective one. While women offer some amazing qualities, men have paved the way in many areas. This article is not a dog at men, but a graft to show the beauty of the mind and strength of women in leadership roles. Women changed the traditions through compassion, determination and energy.

Compassion and Energy of a Woman

The energetic qualities of a woman can enable teams and communication to flow smoothly. They can help others to stay calm and focus on problems.

While some women can be push a team hard, most are compassionate and empathic. These two qualities are needed in leaders, life throws curveballs.

A rigid leader will fail the team more often than not. To be an effective leader, whatever gender you may be. Keep in mind that that nothing is predictable.


Women in Leadership and the Two Must Have Qualities By David Feinstein


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