New MLM World Record

TomSchreiterLast week I had a chance to ride around with Tim Rose. He told me how he started his business:

“In the first 29 days, I drove 31,000 miles all over Texas, meeting prospects and building the business.”

31,000 miles!!!

That’s over 1,000 miles per day between meetings, prospecting, training and the occasional nap. I thought I traveled a lot, but I can’t even conceive how hard it would be to travel over 1,000 miles a day while building a business from scratch.

Now, consider this. Do you have someone who says he wants to build a business, but that the weekly opportunity meeting is too far away? Or someone who thinks it is too much of a sacrifice to invest three hours on Saturday morning for training?

They don’t really want the results of a successful business if it will interfere with cable television, surfing the Internet, and their personal lives.

So don’t try to move the opportunity meetings closer. Don’t try to make the trainings shorter. That’s not the problem.

Instead, try to inspire these people to want the results of a successful business more than avoiding the inconvenience of building a business.

That’s leadership.

If you don’t have leadership skills now, they can be learned.

A good first step is to check out the Article Library at where we have lessons on leadership, problem-solving, and how to overcome these self-imposed issues that people use to prevent success in their lives.

PDF-2 New MLM World Record by Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter



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