Is Network Marketing Gender Neutral? by Jillian Middleton (Article & Video)

jillian-middletonIs network marketing a particularly good place for women to be? Does it offer something special that other businesses don’t offer? Is it true there is no gender inequality in network marketing?

Well, Yes and NO. (Sigh)

Here is the thing, as a woman you are going to run up against what people think of women in the work place anytime you’re talking with someone. So cultural biases don’t go away.

Gender Neutral Pay Plan

That said, in network marketing, it is your pay plan that rewards you for what you do. Period. If you recruit the number of people you need to recruit, along with generating the amount of sales volume necessary to earn your promotion, – that’s it. You earn the promotion.

But what else does Network Marketing do for Women? Why should any woman decide to develop entrepreneurial skills and generate their own paycheck?

What Does Network Marketing Take?

Network Marketing takes focus. At times, network marketing can feel more difficult than working a job.

Or is it?

Yes, it takes courage (chutzpa!) to be an entrepreneur.

And there are moments when you might feel like Sisyphus, always pushing the rock uphill. And often feeling like it’s rolling back down over you. Wouldn’t it be easier to just pick up a pay check at the end of each week?

Maybe not…

What do you trade for that steady paycheck? Lots it seems.

Are You Just a Number?

In a regular job, you’re often just a number. You are simply a means to someone else’s ends. That typically looks like:

Inadequate pay

No control over when you work

No control over where you work from

No control over promoting yourself to higher levels

No control over leadership development opportunities

No (or little) team work

No leverage

No residual income

Absolutely no control over your income potential

Network Marketing a Life-Changing Opportunity

Ladies, Network Marketing is an industry that offers a life-changing opportunity. It is an opportunity that not only allows you, but encourages you, to jump your personal hurdles. It is an opportunity to:

Self-define your financial worth

Make conscious decisions about how to spend your time

BE all you can be

Develop leadership skills

Create the paycheck you want to create

We Are Talking Independence

Network marketing is independence. It is not independence from … Rather, it is independence to BE.

Network Marketing allows for independence to be all that you choose to be.

Who are you? Take advantage of what network marketing offers. Go for it today in a small way.

The ‘small things’ add up to big –big– things in network marketing.

Go for it.


PDF-2 Is Network Marketing Gender Neutral? by Jillian Middleton



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