Having YES-Goals Are Important. Having NO-Goals Are Critical. by Andrea Waltz

In the beginning of this book, we suggested there would be certain concepts that would challenge your thinking. The next concept will definitely be one of them because we’re going to suggest a somewhat radical change to the way you currently set goals.

And that radical change is this:

Beginning right now—today—start setting NO-Goals.

No, we’re not suggesting you stop setting goals. Goals are important to success. Critical, in fact. We’re talking about setting a goal for the number of times you intend to hear the word no (in other words, a failure quota) in addition to having a goal for the number of times you hear the word yes (a success quota).

The problem with focusing exclusively on YES-Goals is what tends to happen when we reach (or even get close to reaching) the goal we’ve set for ourselves…

We slow down.

We begin to reward ourselves for our success. But how do we reward ourselves? By shutting down the activities that led to our success in the first place.

The question is: why?

Why does our productivity often come to a screeching halt? It’s because of the insidious comfort zone.

Setting the NO-Goal of Twenty Noes Per Day

When I started setting NO-Goals for myself, I decided to go out and get twenty noes every day. Why? Where did the arbitrary number of twenty noes come from? Honestly, I think I picked twenty because there was no one around to tell me how unreasonable that was!

When I was eighteen or nineteen, I was a telemarketer, and we were selling long-distance services. It wasn’t unheard of to make 450 calls a day. No network marketer I’ve ever met in my life makes even two hundred calls a day, right? But here we were making 450 calls a day—and there were a few people who did even more than that.

So getting twenty noes a day in my network marketing business seemed reasonable. Of course, I learned pretty quickly how tough that really was. And that hardly anyone has a number that high. I just didn’t know.

The interesting thing is I’ve shared that story for years and years now, and I’ve yet to have anyone in the tens of thousands of people I’ve spoken to come to me and say, “Hey Ray, I did your plan. I got twenty noes a day.”

So. I don’t know. I guess I just wanted to push myself. That, or I simply did it out of ignorance. Sometimes I would hit the twenty no-goal in the afternoon. I don’t believe there was a day that it took me more than three hours, at least I don’t recall one.

The important thing to me was it worked.

Setting NO-Goals™

The immediate answer to the negative aspects of the comfort zone is to stop setting YES-Goals and set NO-Goals instead.

How does setting NO-Goals make the process different?

Let’s take Jill for example. Jill has had a great Monday. She went on three sales calls and closed them all, going three-for- three. Now, if Jill’s quota is to make three sales for the week, what do you think is going to

happen to the number of calls she’s going to make over the next four days? We’ve got twenty bucks that says Jill slows down and significantly reduces the number of calls she makes.

In fact, another ten dollars says Jill ends the week with the same three sales she had on Monday afternoon. And in the blink of an eye, a great day has turned into an average week, all because Jill was operating with success quota rather than a failure quota. The worst part is Jill just ended what is commonly referred to as a hot streak (and as Jerry Stafford sang in the ‘70s, “when you’re hot, you’re hot.”)

It’s amazing how many people will get on a hot streak—achieving a string of successes—only then to slow down their activity and production to stay within their comfort zone.

When you’re hot, don’t stop.

Keep going.

Take advantage of the momentum.

 Having YES-Goals Are Important. Having NO-Goals Are Critical. by Andrea Waltz


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