To Be “Abundant” by Jeanette S. Lopez

Many personal development coaches speak of our “MINDSETS”. Your mindsets are basically the beliefs that are instilled in you while growing up. They are ingrained in your psyche; and how your life unfolds is often a reflection of your mindset.

Consider the child that grows up in poverty. This mindset is almost sure to become a “scarcity” mindset and one that requires a lot of blueprint revisions through personal development and coaching. The interesting thing that I have personally discovered is that there are those who live in what society would call an “impoverish life” and still feel happy and abundant!

“Their secret: GRATITUDE”

The quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful.

How does an Abundance Mindset happen even in the midst of Scarcity?

I was once faced with a foreclosure that left me with the reality of “homelessness” with two small children to keep safe and happy. It took a week to realize that I needed to find an inner peace to remain strong and once that was achieved; I became determined to become grateful for the things that I still had control over! Gratefully, I had two cars that I was able to trade for a motorhome. I gave away a lot of my possessions and found that I never “lacked” anything as we traveled out of the area. Without realizing it, I had developed an Abundant Mindset for my boys and myself. And by giving stuff away randomly (including tossing out fear of lack), I was receiving randomly the things that I needed, including confidence!

As a matter of fact, the boys never knew that we were homeless! On the contrary, living in a 26 ft. motorhome was an adventure and waking up at different parks and beaches was a lot of fun… even for ME!

Clearly a Mindset of any kind is so individually based. Everyone’s experience is different. We are products of our past experiences and our ancestor’s past experiences. If we can simply appreciate everything that comes our way as a gift from God, our sense of Abundance begins to expand.

Instead of complaining about why you have so little, give thanks for the little that you have!


When you receive gifts from the “universe” or friends, there should not have to be some sense of understanding as to why you have received it. You should be open to the thought that perhaps you deserve an abundant life because you are loved and deserve to be loved.

An Abundance Mindset sets the stage for many positive outcomes. The more that one feels that they have, the more that they might want to share with others. When you share more with others, you end up receiving even more in return; thus creating a very addicting behavior of sharing and encouraging others to share as well.

The Abundant Mindset is one that can be developed but is one that can easily become “reset” to a scarcity mindset or an entitled mindset. Although sharing of your blessings can be very rewarding, it can also leave you vulnerable to other people’s attitudes of your generosity.

When you find yourself around people who question your Attitude of Gratitude, simply smile and back away slowly…


Strangely enough, an Abundant Mindset is not considered “society’s normal” way of thinking. We are programmed to think that “A Gift” or anything Free might have ulterior motives. Some might even shy away from you because they are not used to receiving anything and would rather stay isolated in their lonely worlds. Remember to remain positive and not take it personal even when the recipient of your gift seems to be repelling with bizarre beliefs about your “arrogant motives” for offering. Yes, I was even called Arrogant for sharing a gift. How DARE I!

If you or someone you know is of the Abundance Mindset, we applaud you! It is not easy to stand out and share love openly. But do it anyway! And it is guaranteed to come back to you 10-fold.

For me, an Abundant Mindset means having more than enough of ANYTHING.


On days when I feel like I have not received an ample dose of “love”; I will turn it around and share More Than Enough Love.

What is More Than Enough Love?

A crazy dose of Random hugs; An Irrational number of Inspirational social media posts out to the universe, simply pay for the person behind you in line at a Starbucks. These things may sound positively arrogant; and be prepared if someone might not want your good deed, just do it anyway! Anything to raise your own energy vibration will create results that are often remarkable and addicting

What I am discovering is that there is HUGE joy when you are working with Like Minded individuals. I believe that having that Attitude of Gratitude helps define your purpose in life. Helping others find their purpose becomes an addicting profession. Do you have the desire to give a random hug? Share an inspirational story or simply create success in someone other than you?

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 To Be “Abundant” by Jeanette S. Lopez



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