Where Do You Set Your Limits by Cindy Hannon

How do you look at life? Where is your vision, does it stop at the clouds?

My mom stocks her pantry up with foods and supplies that they use regularly. I suppose this is something done by people who have lived through times of struggle like a war. She moved 8 hours from us, two people, into a town house with plenty of storage! When we would go for a visit, I’d open her pantry and wonder why two people would need 10 boxes of special K, two gallon containers of olive oil, jars and jars of pickles, a shelf full of paper towels, rolls of foil stacked one upon the other. Abundance; she lived through WWII and I suppose there were times of not knowing where things would come from, and, I suppose the cold war period would have left an impression also to stock up, to always have extra, to have an abundance. I have a tendency to stock up too; but my reasoning is that I don’t want to have to restock; I do not like running out or going shopping (enters online shopping to make my life happy ☺).

Having a need causes us to worry. Abundance gives a feeling of security.

So, I ask again, how do you look at life? Do you see life as full? When we see life as full, we feel satisfied. We are grateful. Let’s face it; since you are reading this, you already have that entrepreneurial mindset, the mindset that you are in charge of your own destiny, the mindset of not being controlled by someone else. Congratulations! You have a mindset of abundance, you are striving for more and you want to do better. Whether it be for an increased stream of income, for time freedom or to have that residual income so you can feel comfortable that if for what ever reason, you were unable to go to work for any length of time, your bills would still get paid. Call it abundance, call it comfortable, call it a full life, it is what we are all after. To succeed in this business you need to have a mindset on it! We need the vision to see beyond today, to see we have an unlimited potential within our grasp.

Sometimes, even though we may be satisfied with where we are, with what we have, obstacles can cause us to lose sight of the vision we first had. We look up at the sky and see that as the top, we forget there is so much more than what we are looking at. Have you ever taken off on a flight on a cloudy day? Up, up you go, looking out the window you see nothing but the clouds engulfing the plane. Then suddenly you see beyond the cloud cover, you see the blue sky, sunshine above it and realize the sunshine is always there; whether we see it or not, it is there.

Our attitudes can be like that too; sometimes bright and sunny sometimes not so bright. Here we are, in a business, all positive thinkers, we look at the bright side, but then there still come the times we feel the bright side has gone, we are ready to settle. Don’t ever settle! You were created for so much more.

Right now my husband and I are overseas, in Australia. We attended a church yesterday with our friends and the end of a great message came an extra, unplanned and not in his notes, the pastor encouraged to his congregation, entrepreneurship. Not so that they can be successful one day and say, “Look how well I did, look at what I have.” but so that they can say, “Look what I can do, look what I have to give.”

With an abundance, you can do great things; with little, you can to little things which would you rather do? Set your mind on abundance!

When you think about “what could be”, or “What if”, do you focus in a positive light, entwined within a passion that you have? There are different ways you could think about your possibilities, positively or negatively. It is all in your mindset, or your attitude. My husband and I have a passion for kids, we sponsor kids in poorer nations; so my “what if” might be “What if we could sponsor two or three more children?” Or, “Wouldn’t it be great to go on a missions trip to meet some of the kids we sponsor?” Perhaps you would think, “What if I can help ______________ to see the possibility of reaching their dream?” What’s your “What if”, or, “What could be” if you had an abundance of finances or time? Think abundantly not little!

That thought is key in our business, helping others to have a mindset of abundance, helping them to reach their full potential. Live abundantly; treat others as though they too can live abundantly. It is what they see in you when you have a good mindset that they will aspire to. You’re the leader; set the pace and attitude for others.

As people look to you, don’t put aside the fact that others attitudes or mindset will also affect you. As Jim Rohn put it, You are an average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” What type of people are you associating with, what is the mindset of your closest friends? It matters to you! It makes a difference in your mindset; attitudes are spread, just like a cold or the flu. You don’t catch it because you were cold; you catch it because someone else spread it. Spend your time with people like you, people who are not afraid to live abundantly. Those are the people who will encourage you, who will not discourage, who will not be afraid or hold on to envy. Like-minded friends are the best influence! Be a friend who encourages and lifts up, who is a good influence and surround yourself with the same.

I can complain because

a rose bush has thorns,


I can rejoice because

a thorn bush has roses.”

Do you know people whose lives are like the first part of that quote? Of course, I’m sure we all do. As much as we try very hard not to associate with people having that type of mindset, sometimes it may be a family member, or someone else and you will have no choice. You should certainly use every chance to seize opportunities for showing optimism and making sure others see that flow through you. Your main associations should always be with like-minded, positive individuals in your life. They will be with you looking at the roses and not the thorns; they will keep looking up with you, looking at the bright side and not the cloudy side.

To live abundantly it is necessary for you to have the attitude to help you with the proper mindset. Think abundantly not little, associate with like-minded people; set the pace as a leader, treat people graciously, accentuate the positive.

Never forget to be thankful for what you have!

A person whose mind is set on abundance is also one who looks at life through a heart of gratitude, who is grateful for what they have, and is gracious toward others. Looking at finances, time, or spiritual blessings; be grateful for the things you have, whether big or small. Be thankful even if you don’t have the abundance of your dreams yet. As you move along, the small financial gains multiply, the little bits of time with family, the joys you have to celebrate, and, yes, even the struggles, all praiseworthy. Someone with a mindset on abundance is not jealous or envious of what others may have, but shares in excitements. A grateful heart finds the blessings even in the midst of any storm.

Choose to live abundantly!

Be like the butterfly, not the caterpillar.

When the caterpillar thought

the world was over,

he became a butterfly and

he flew freely where ever he wanted!

If you knew how powerful your thoughts were,

you would always choose to think abundantly!

 Where Do You Set Your Limits by Cindy Hannon


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