Having an Abundant Mindset in The Digital World by Robert Velarde Article and Video

Question: How do you develop an Abundant Mindset In The Digital World

Answer: Develop a positive mindset of keywords

Here is how:

What are some keywords that you should immediately begin to use in your everyday routine to help you build healthy relationships and thereby grow their network of fans and followers?

This is a good question because what you think becomes who you are and who you are is what other people think about you.

If you could follow that pattern right there, then you’ve got it. That’s the formula. Basically, you should use powerful words and stay away from negative words or lower value words.

An example is this: when you’re promoting an event, a lot of people like to use a marketing cliché that says: “Don’t Miss This Event! It will be the most powerful event you’ve ever experienced!” Think about this for a moment. What was the first phrase you just told those people?

“This is the formula: Basically, you should use powerful words and stay away from negative words or lower value words.”

You said “Don’t”.

Subconsciously, you just programmed their mind with “don’t” or do not. This is negative. What you want to do is to say something positive and use the power of suggestion rather than begin with a negative. In this regard, you need to be the leader of influence.

As such, you should be the influencer and to use the power of suggestion by saying, “mark your calendar”, “plan on attending this dynamic, exciting and beneficial event designed for you”, rather than saying “do not miss this event.” The key is to consider the intended result and to position everything we say with a positive spin on it. This will result in our message being sent and received in the most optimal manner.

Hero Tactics: Time to upshift your brain.

That’s the idea there. That’s the psychology behind this. There is what they call the downshifting of the brain. This is information that can be obtained by Dr. Arleen Taylor, PH D, who is a brain function specialist. She teaches this about downshifting and upshifting the brain. 77

Positive communication is what people are always looking for. Sometimes they’re testing you, so a lot of people will come to you with problems, not because they want a solution to the problem but because they want to be paid attention to.

These are they who desire attention, so you never want to reason with them but you want to keep the communication positive. Other than empathizing with them or saying I know how you feel but other than this, there’s always a remedy; that remedy is to always keep it positive.

“What I like to do is bring conversations to a higher, more empowered level.”

The more you do this, the more you begin to re-program your brain. Each one of these operates on frequencies. They’re like computers in this regard so that I’m synching myself with you. When I sync myself with you, I will absorb whatever frequency you are vibrating at. If you’re negative and I’m negative, then we will synch to each other and the result will be a lower level of negativity. But if I’m positive and you’re negative or vice versa and we synch up with each other, then we’re going to match up somewhere.

What I like to do is bring conversations to a higher, more empowered level. The way I would do this is by utilizing the higher caliber, positive words.

The difference here for example, is in some of the words I like to use such as “excessive”. I instead prefer to use the word: “abundance”. If I’m using words that are of lack and want, or fear- there’s an acronym called “F.U.D.”. It’s a business concept you can Google but it stands for Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. Always ask yourself, am I using Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt? If that’s in the equation, then I do not want to use those words. I want to get the FUD out.

Instead, we should choose to use positive affirmations: “I AM a Success”, NOT “I’m going to be a success” because that still puts it in the future tense meaning I have not obtained it yet. Instead, we should speak on the expectation of the success we envision for ourselves. “I AM the champion in every situation”. This can be followed by “I Am, I expect, I will, I do” or these types of words and empowered statements.

These are positive, powerful types of communication we should incorporate now in our daily conversations or personal “pep talks”. When you tell yourself “I AM Happy”, you will naturally begin to feel happy. When you couple “I am happy” and then you smile, it doesn’t matter who’s looking at you, you will experience happiness.

Do the exercise daily: say “I am happy” and smile.

Do this again and again and repeat it several times. Then, say it and outstretch your arms when you say it and notice the feeling it gives you. You can do that with any of the words and you can do that with people. You can literally change your environment and you could change your world immediately by doing these simple affirmation action items.

Internally, positive thoughts and higher value communication will give you a much healthier persona in your relationship building that makes you more attractive to others. People will desire and prefer to be around that positive energy that you emit. That energy is contagious. That energy is what they’re looking for.”

Robert A. Velarde

 Having an Abundant Mindset in The Digital World by Robert Velarde


Keynote Speaker For Elk Grove CA Co Founder and #1 Social Media Expert Robert Velarde


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