Is Your Brain ‘Wired’ for Abundance? by Shad Helmstetter

Your abundance begins in your brain. In fact, according to research in the field of neuroscience, your brain is either wired for abundance – or it isn’t. (As we’ll learn, there’s something you can do about that.) Here’s how it works.

From the moment you were born, every message you received repeatedly, was physically wired into neural pathways in your brain. Those wired-in messages create the programs that determine how successful you’re going to be at anything you do. Repeated messages like, “I just can’t do this,” “I’m not good enough,” “I can’t seem to get ahead,” “I’m not good at talking in front of a group,” “I can never remember names,” “I never have enough time,” “This will never work for me,” “I’ll never be rich” . . . and thousands of other messages just like them become a regular part of our negative self-talk, and all of them are being wired into our brains.

The problem: The part of your brain that stores all those messages you get about you, doesn’t know the difference between something that’s true and something that’s false.

If the message is repeated often enough, the brain just records it, wires it in, and acts on it as though it’s true.

So who your brain believes you to be, is who you end up becoming.

That’s where our abundance––or lack of it––comes from.

We grow up getting all kinds of programs wired into our brains, first from others, and then from our own unconscious self-talk, and that includes programs that either tell us we’re going to be successful or we aren’t. Our brain then makes choices for us that are based on the programs that were wired in – even if the programs we got are negative or work against us.

If you have wealth and abundance today, that means you have positive wealth programs wired into your brain that are helping you do that. If, on the other hand, you don’t have the wealth and abundance today that you’d like to have, then you probably have programs that have been wired into your brain that are keeping you from having it. If that’s the case, don’t feel bad; most people are wired the same way––there are more people wired for financial difficulties than there are people wired for wealth.

But to be super successful in network marketing it’s essential that you make sure you’re wired to have positive abundance in all areas of your life. If you want to be a winner, you have to make sure your brain is wired to be winner.

The Law of Repetition

When I’m asked what is the secret to success, my answer is, “The secret to success is repetition, repetition, repetition.” The key to all of our programming is repetition. The reason that’s true is because it’s the repetition of the right messages that wire the success programs into our brains.

It’s been estimated that during the first 18 years of life, the average individual, growing up in a reasonably positive home, is told “no,” or what he or she cannot do, or what won’t work for them, more than 148,000 times. That’s a lot of negative programming to overcome.

When you were growing up, how many times were you told what you could do, or how successful you were going to be, or how much abundance you were going to have in your life? How many times did you get programs that set you up to be super successful financially? We don’t become successful financially or have automatic abundance in our lives just because we’d like to have it. We have to get the right messages about ourselves– – seeing ourselves as super successful individuals –repeated again and again before they stick, and actually get wired into our brains.

Self-Talk––and A New Picture of Your Success

The solution: This is where self-talk enters the picture. Practicing self- talk is a big part of the success of the top network marketing organizations, and there’s a reason for this:

Practicing the right self-talk physically rewires your brain.

We’ve learned from the field of neuroscience that the right self-talk, giving you a successful new picture of yourself – repeated often enough, and in the right way – can rewire your brain with a completely new picture of you, attaining and keeping abundance in your life. With the right self-talk, you can literally change from the old mind to the new, from the financially troubled self, to the new, financially free and abundant self.

Think about that. What if your own brain was wired, right now, with programs that naturally and automatically gave you:

No fear of prospecting

No fear of the telephone

Complete confidence in making presentations

An attitude of always taking action

Absolute belief in yourself

Absolute belief in building your business

A clear picture of you as a successful person

An unlimited picture of your unlimited wealth

A complete picture of you living with positive abundance in every area of your life

Self-talk, practiced by listening to it, is the best way we’ve ever found to rewire our brains to be more successful. The reason for this is that self-talk works the way the brain works – repeated listening to recorded self-talk messages physically rewires new neural pathways into the brain. In this case, we not only listen to self-talk that takes away our fear of prospecting, or fear of the telephone, or fear of making presentations; we also listen to self-talk that gives a whole new picture of bringing wealth and abundance into our lives.

What we program into our brains most, our brains go to work on to create in our lives.

Listening to daily self-talk does that. It’s a fact of human behavior that we never climb higher on the mountain of success than our mental programs tell us we can climb. Some people see climbing over a boulder as a difficult task; other people see the same rocks as steps to success. Since all of our beliefs about our potential success are based on the programs that have been wired into our brains, it’s clear that it’s not the mountain that’s the problem; our programmed belief that we’re not capable of climbing it is the problem.

If you would like to have the kind of unlimited abundance in your life that you see others around you achieving, always remember: it is not them, it’s their programs. If you’re not already living a life of abundance, it’s not you, (you were born to succeed), it’s programs you have that have gotten in the way of your success. And if you want to change your programs, you can change them.

There is now a website (see below) that lets you listen to any self-talk of your choice, streamed directly to your smartphone or tablet free for 30 days, so you can practice listening to self-talk and test it out for yourself.

Most people who do this are surprised at the difference in their attitudes and in the action steps they start taking even in the first weeks of listening. The site includes special self-talk for network marketing, so I would recommend you start with the sessions on network marketing––overcoming the fear of prospecting, overcoming the fear of the telephone, building daily self-confidence, taking action now, and the other self-talk areas that will help you build your business, first.

Wiring Abundance Into Your Life

If you’re not sure that real success and true abundance will actually come to you, let me encourage you. When the picture of the real you, the confident, winning, successful you, begins to live naturally in your mind, wired in place and ready to put you into action, that success and abundance will begin to live naturally in your life every day. Don’t worry if you can’t see it yet, or believe it yet. Let the self-talk do its work. Just keep listening. The self-talk will be wiring in a new picture of you living the dream you have always wanted to live. And when your brain is wired for abundance, that’s exactly what you’ll be creating in your life.

Note: To listen to ‘Self-Talk for Network Marketing’ free for 30 days  Click Here to go to

Is Your Brain ‘Wired’ for Abundance? by Shad Helmstetter


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