Which category do you fall into? By Robert Butwin

Which category do you fall into?

I have lived a successful life, been married to the same person for 31 years, have two great kids and have coached many people who have become successful. I have traveled over 2 million air miles sharing my wisdom with thousands of others. When my journey began, if you had told me this was the life I’d have, I would have questioned you.  Through my process, I have discovered that people follow into one of three categories.

The first category is those who are Clueless – they let life happen to them. 

Someday they might awaken and wonder what happened or they may just sleepwalk through their entire life.  They believe it is OK to trade time for money without developing a Plan B.  They believe the life they are living is OK and do not recognize that life continues to change and don’t figure out how it will impact them.  They seem to go from Chaos to Crises and back to Chaos.

They do not see how technology changes can have a positive impact on their lives or on the businesses around them that recognized it and took appropriate actions. The businesses that do not change become victims and end up shrinking to a shadow of what they used to be or go out of business.

Do lets look at how some of the changes impacted our food supply?  I asked myself with the great technology we have, why are so many people still attracting health challenges.  I did not have to look far before the answer was obvious.  Many businesses are more concerned about profits than people. Look at what some farmers are doing to get their livestock to the market faster…feeding the animals growth hormones.  What did Monsanto do to ensure that crops would not be bothered by insects or reproduce?  They actually put the solution in the seed without thinking of the impact on humans. I begin to do research on how GMO impacts health…it’s not good. Also, the amount of sugar and other additives that many food manufacturers add to their products to make them taste better and be addictive.  I came to the realization that the foods you eat will increase the probability of attracting degenerative disease.  I am 65 years young and still play basketball with people who are 30-40 years younger.  I do not take any prescription drugs nor does my wife. I just had a physical and all my numbers were great.  You might be thinking that I have good genes.  My father died at a young age and so did his father. If you recognize these patterns and make the right changes you can change the patterns.

Other changes that have occurred, our money supply as we have a bitcoin that is worth twice the amount of Gold.  What did Uber do to the taxi company, smartphones to landlines and pay phones or email to the post system?  Clueless people seldom recognize the changes or how to use them to change there life.

The second category is those who are Complacent or Campers.

They went through the formal education process, got a job and are OK working for someone else on that person’s dream, instead of their own.  They believe Success is for others and are satisfied living an OK life rather than a great life. They are not interested in creating a second income without having a second job.  They are not interested in developing an additional income stream in their free time. They would rather be in front of the electronic income reducer and unplug from living life. That is OK for those who are willing to live an average life and settle for being Complacent.

The third category is the Climbers.

They live a life on purpose and don’t allow circumstances to stop them from reaching the top.  They understand that every action will give them a life experience and will not let those experiences to be a camper.  They will use those life experiences as stepping stones to ensure they climb to the top. They realize what happens to them will serve them well as they become a mentor to others. They realize the view from the top is always better and that is where they are destined to be.  The good news is that with all of the changes that continue to happen, it is much easier to get there.  I am not telling you it will be easy, just that it will be worth it when you arrive.  The key to your success is finding the right mentor who will guide you along the right paths. When I had that defining moment in my life and awakened, I listened to my self-talk…that if others can do it, so can I.  I understood when I was ready my teacher would appear. And he did.

Wherever you are on your journey in life,

it’s all about the choices you make followed by proper actions. Three more C’s in your life…

Choice, Chance, and Change. 

You must make the choice to take a chance if you want to change to happen in your life.

Which C has the biggest impact in your life?


Which category do you fall into … Robert Butwin_

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