What are the differences between Active and Passive Teaching? By David Feinstein

What are the differences between Active and Passive Teaching?

Some people are natural teachers, while others struggle with teaching. There are two assorted styles of teaching. These styles can cross the border and take elements from each other. How can this help someone who is afraid to teach? How can this help tone down the drill instructors among you? Read on dear friends to understand the differences and how you can use them to train your prospects.

Teaching Others without a Classroom

 You can teach others outside of a classroom. There are so many different tools that you can use to help others master the business or some other element. You do not have to be a certified instructor, but it does help if you have at least one year experience in the MLM industry. The year that you have experienced on the front lines will help you teach others the mistakes that you’ve learned the individualized techniques that lead to success. If you’re not a talented teacher, don’t worry. There are ways to work around the issue that is just effective.

There are two primary modes of training, live and recorded.

Live training is for more experienced and more confident people that may have had previous instructor experience. If you feel the drive to do live training with your team, then proceed to do so. Some ideas include webinars, skype or messenger training, shared screens to live events. You could use teleconferencing if it came down to it. However, video webinars are the go-to tool for this method.

 Don’t worry if you don’t feel adventurous now to go live with your training. You can use the indirect method to train and this is where you have a supreme advantage over the “live” method. You can create videos, podcasts, templates, articles, blog posts and other cool stuff that your trainees can download and review themselves. Plus, you can answer questions by email or chat. Just to warn you though, some “livewires” will use these techniques as well to help train their team of superheroes.

 Confidence is key as an instructor

 Fear is not natural, it is a destructive element. People fail at their efforts most of the time, this is a reality. Confidence in yourself is important, even if you do back away from the live training. You still need to be confident in the content that you develop. However, you do have to spell it out in longer forms and cover all the aces or otherwise, someone may misunderstand what you’re trying to say. Use a mixture of tools to help you get over the fear, try training one on one and collect feedback. Your skills will improve over time.

What are the differences -David Feinstein

David Feinstein


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