We All Make Choices And In The End Our Choices Make Us. By Robert Butwin


We all make choices and in the end, our choices make us!

When someone is ready to join you in your business, it’s important to help them get the right start. Here are the things that I have found that work: show your new business partner how to let the tools do the work.  You want to PAT them, which means Point At Tools.  Show them where they can begin learning about how this business works and why they should be using the products. Tools make you more duplicatable. The actions they will or will not take, start with their belief in themselves or your ability to guide them on how to create a better life with this business.

I have taken the time and expense to create this system because I know no one wants to fail. 

I’m sharing the wisdom I’ve gathered over the years that I’ve proven works.  Your contacts will judge if they can do this business by the process you do with them.  They are thinking, are your actions with them consistent with what you tell them and they see themselves doing. One of the keys is clarity and understanding about our great profession.  To be successful they will probably have to make some minor changes in order to get different results. Everything begins with their thinking and some beliefs they probably do not even know they have.

For you to help them accomplish the results they truly want, you will need to gather more information about them.

What are their past business experiences if any?  What are their goals: To travel?  Spend more time with family?  To be associated with a cause that will give their life more meaning? Once you understand their why you help them create strategies to assure they will be successful.  The more you take the time to understand them the more they know you truly care and the better you will be able to coach them.  You want to make sure they are serious about being successful.

Other things you will want to know is what resources do they have to invest.

Resources are skills, time, money, and relationships. That way you can help them determine the right strategy.  This business and every business is based upon leveraging resources. The best way to determine this is by doing the proper exploration by the questions you ask.

Test them to see if they are really serious about being successful by giving them a few simple tasks.  Point them to the right tools and see if they watch or read what you guided them to.  You are judging if their actions are consistent with what they say they want.  If not, as their trusted advisor you have to hold them accountable.  The beginning of change is being aware that you truly want to make changes.  Once you are aware, you can take proper actions.

Your goal is to help others get into action to obtain the results they want and deserve. Here are the beginning action steps:

  1. Guide them to where they can get more information that helps them understand our business.  Most people truly do not understand this business, if they did, they would be involved.

  2. Have them open the box with you when it arrives. You want them to call you when that happens.  That way you can give them simple instructions about how they will have a great product experience and you can guide them to which tools in the back office to look at first.  You are showing them how easy it will be for them to do this business and all the different tools the company provides.

  3. Engage them in your system 

  4. Help them understand this business is about simple and profound messaging.  Most people talk too much.  You want them to see how they can do the business based on how you do the business with them. That is why 90% of what I do is guiding them to where they will find the right information and let the tools do most of the heavy lifting.  What the other person does will determine what you will need to do.   Every action the other person does or does not do is a sign and most people miss the signs.  I have asked many people what color yield signs are.  If you are like most people you probably thought yellow, they have not been yellow for over 35 years — they are red and white.  How many have you driven past?  We often miss the signs.

  5. Understand the other person’s perception is their reality,  What we do is shift their perception by educating them.  An example of this is because your company has great products, most people will be thinking that this business is about selling products or finding others to sell products.  This is not what this business is about. Products are important as that will be the glue to keep your business together.  People love to buy if they understand the value and what benefits they will receive.  In this business model, true success comes only by helping them succeed.

  6. Every action gives you a result and this business is about helping others get better results — living a longer life filled with more meaning.  As your business partners become more successful, many companies will take them on great trips, at no cost.  They will no longer have to trade time for money by building their bosses dream.  This can happen if they are willing to make a few simple changes.  You want them to learn that sometimes their actions will get less than desirable results. As their mentor you want them to understand what they learned from that experience  It is what we learn as we continue to move in the right direction to assure we arrive at the final destination.   What I want them to develop is an entrepreneurial mindset and understand that this business is not easy…but when they reach their destination, the journey will have been worth it.  It is being able to create a true legacy life based on helping others.

  7. You want to know their commitment to being successful with your guidance.   Knowing if others can do this business successfully, so can you.  Learn the skills and focus on your destination of what you want to accomplish followed with proper actions.  Learn from the masters and know it will happen for you… Believe!  You can create the movie of the life you want to create for yourself.  It does not matter where you started or where you are now.  The key is the direction you are headed and where you choose to end up.  Life is about our choices.

  8. The success of every business is about attracting and retaining customers.  In this business, you can empower others or let the tools do it for you.   I learned if you build people, people build businesses.  There are two kinds of customers.  Those interested in just buying the product at the best price.  Where the long-term residual is in finding those few who are interested in being brand partners. Those who are as committed as you are. What attracted me to this business model is you get rewarded for helping others.

  9. Flexibility with specific intent  How to Zig, in a Zagging world. When you are ready to talk with others, what you say will vary slightly based on their situation.  You might have to slightly alter your presentation based on these criteria.  Do they have a job, own a business, another source of income, money saved or broke.  Where ever they are, I know that by working together we can be a solution for them to live a more fulfilled life.  This is not about trying to sell them anything, it is about seeing which of your friends you want to approach about how you will be able to help them.  If they are not interested in making positive changes in their life with the business, I can always see if they are interested in the products.  Either way, I have something that will help improve their life if they are open to receive the information that I will point them to.

  10. You have 3 choices, give in to others, give up or give it all you’ve got

We All Make Choices … Robert Butwin

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