Video – 12 Anniversary Edition The Network Marketing Magazine – Teaching & Training By Sean Murphy

12 Anniversary Edition The Network Marketing Magazine – Teaching & Training

Sean G Murphy is a premier author with The Networking Marketing Magazine, having been with us since the start, 12 years ago. has been committed to delivering world class articles and training that gives the Networking Professional the tools necessary to succeed and Sean Murphy has been a 27%er coach since the beginning. Thank you Sean!


Teaching and training the power of moving and inspiring people. This is a video training for The Network Marketing Magazine and its founder George Madiou. Sean G Murphy shares the 3 Most Powerful Questions you can use to help build your team. These 3 questions will help you to make your prospecting easier and more profitable. To learn more about Sean and the powerful tips and articles visit him at


Hi, everyone. Welcome to the 12th-anniversary edition of the Network Marketing Magazine. My name is Sean Murphy. I’ve been one of the contributing authors since the very beginning. I got to tell you, I’m excited about this edition because you’re going to get some of the best of the best of all of the incredible authors and trainers that have been teaching and sharing inside of the magazine for over the last 12 years. Let’s dive in.

                                    Hey, I just wanted to give a big shout out to George Madiou the power of commitment. Folks, when we talk about success and we talk about making sure you’re going to follow through on your commitment, George has been doing this for 12 years. You can see some of the incredible authors on the cover of the magazine there, over 144 issues, millions of lives changed. Why, because it’s the power of this profession. It’s the power of what we do inside of network marketing. Make sure you visit all of the incredible authors who have shared and listened in this edition as well as others because it’s going to be something very special for you and for your team.

                                    Make sure you get all of your team to watch and listen to and read the videos that people have shared in the comments and the articles.

Teaching & Training

Let’s dive into this month’s article, Teaching and Training. Folks, it was taught to me by my mentor years ago, I’ve been involved in the industry for about 15 years now, but I’ve been involved in personal development and training for close to 30. There’s teachers. Teachers will teach you what you need to learn, the ABCs. Then, there’s trainers, and trainers will teach you what you want to learn how to do better. Trainers and coaches.

                                    Then, there’s mentors. That’s the one I think a lot of us are aspiring to be because mentors are the ones who teach you what you didn’t know is possible They see something inside of you. Then there’s the most, I say, challenging one. It’s network marketers. Why, because you have to be all three and the key is understanding that when you’re teaching and training which one of these you’re being at that moment. Does that make sense, because to get them to someplace they’ve never been, they’re going to have to do something they’ve never done so you’re going to have to teach them the ABCs, the one, two, threes and then keep them plugged in, tuned in, turned on, fired up?

                                    That’s where you really need to become a mentor. When you look at the people who have created the success in the industry, they’ve become mentors. Right now, you’re becoming a mentor because you said I want to learn more, I want to be a part of more, I want to help people build their dreams. I think that’s why you’re here. I’m pretty sure that’s why you’re here.

 Let’s go on to this part. This is about awakening the potential inside of people. Listen, words do not teach. What I’m sharing with you right now, the conversation I’m having with you right now, words do not teach.

                                    See. Leaders, listen. If you’re constantly telling somebody what to do and how to do, how do you feel when that happens? Leaders lead, right? We’ve got to move to the front. We’ve got to keep taking that step. It’s a big challenge when we’re talking about coaching and training and teaching new people as they come onto our team. Well, I don’t know anything. Well, you do. You’ve been involved five minutes longer than they have or five years longer than they have. It’s more about what they can become as opposed to what you’re trying to teach them.

                                    We’re going to talk a little bit more about that because there’s a huge thing that a big challenge that exists when we start to talk to people and they get excited about what we do, but I can tell you this. It’s time for you to step up. It’s time for you to have more of what you want. It’s time for you to lead your dreams. The challenge is sometimes what do we do. How do we move that new person to the next level? How do we coach and train them?

Approval Addiction

 It’s a phenomenon called approval addiction as why things fall apart.

                                    Let’s just talk about that. What is the result? The result of our business anytime we go out to go talk to people, anytime we enroll people to come into our business, what’s the most common result that they’re going to have? Right there, it’s disapproval, isn’t it? I mean we talk about it all the time in seminars and trainings and workshops and national conventions and global conventions. Face the nos. Well, how hard is it for somebody to overcome that approval and where we need to get approval and the result game, the end game of this is always disapproval?

                                    It’s where this phenomenon of approval addiction. It’s why people sometimes stop doing this business because they’re addicted to making sure they make everybody feel good. What is an addict? What does an addict need to do? The addict needs to avoid what? They avoid the pain. The pain in our business is what? Disapproval. If we can help them overcome this approval addiction through the amazing trainings and conversations that you have and the teachings that are in this magazine, you can help people do that. I’ve been studying this for, I don’t know, years. It’s incredible when we understand there’s just a couple simple things we can do to help them through this process, to help them overcome this approval addiction.

                                    How long will they stay in pain? We know the numbers in our industry, in our business. 60 to 90 days is the average length of a network marketer before they either leave or go to another business. What if we could keep them a little bit longer? What if we could do things to help them overcome the approval addiction of that fear of rejection?

                                    There’s simple things that we can do. What is the real training needed? Well, yeah. We talk about well I need to understand the comp plan. Not so much. Yeah, you do need to do that but not until you’re making a check because if you’re sponsoring people on a comp plan and they’re not making a check, then guess what, they’re not going to hang around because they learn something they’re not even getting.

Psychological Blue Print

Here’s what I want to share with you. It’s called the psychological blueprint. It’s just a PDF. That’s just a mat, but understand that there are certain patterns. If there’s things you do right now that you don’t even have to think about, we’ve created what’s called a routine. Well, the routine that people have when talking to people is to make sure everybody’s happy at the end of the conversation. It’s why this approval addiction is such a challenge.

Give Them The Key

What if? What if you had the opportunity to give them the key? See, it’s our responsibility to help them unlock some great success inside of them. It’s their capability, not our personality that is going to move them forward. The reality is that we have to recognize where they’re at. We understand that. We talked about in prospecting. We asked them to find their why. We asked him to uncover some great things. The challenges is that they get so excited about something that’s a potential, but they can only base their future success on what? Their past failures.

What We Decide

We’re going to get into some of that. What we desire is we go ahead and we set goals. We go ahead and we write down goals. We say make sure you write them. If you don’t write them down, it’s just a wish. Then, we start to work towards the goals. We take those first steps. We do, today, I’m going to get excited. I’m going to go home. I’m going to write down my goal. I’m going to talk to some people. Then, I got to get one more training. I got to get one. I got to attend one more seminar. I got to get on one more webinar.

                                    Here’s the reality. 97% still fail. Why is that? Why would we do that? The reason is for a very simple reality, we’re part of a routine. We’re addicted to the things that we do. See. The reality is Brené Brown in her book, I forget which one it is, but she talks about shame versus guilt. When we ask somebody to tell us their story, to tell us their deepest desire, some of their fears, see, a lot of times they haven’t given us permission to hear their story.

                                    Maybe, they’ve told us their story, but they haven’t given us permission to really hear the rest of the story. How many of us, when we had conversations with people, we learned new things about them as time goes on? It’s because as our relationships grow, we get closer and closer to them. They psychologically have given us more permission to hear more of their story.

Mentoring To Overcome

Mentoring to overcome. The challenge is most people won’t forget. Here’s the reality. 60 to 70,000 thoughts a day, 5% happening new each day. Think about that. We have three brains, the autonomic nervous system, the limbic system, the fight-or-flight scenario. Then we have the prefrontal cortex where we have awareness and knowledge and the ability to make decisions, but if 5% are new, guess what, here’s the reality. 95% is repetition.

                                    How do we learn things? How do we get good at things if you decide you wanted to learn to play an instrument? Are you good at the beginning? No. It’s through what? Repetition, repetition, repetition. What’s the book influencer, 10,000 hours? To do something for 10,000 hours, that’s a lot of work. Well, if you’re having 60 to 70,000 thoughts a day and 5% are new and 95% are repetition, what are the chances of you ever winning? Today’s the day. I’m going to go do something new. I’m going to get excited about my goals and dreams of today’s the day. I’ve had enough.

                                    Guess what? Is anyone really that good at teaching? Can you in one session have a conversation with somebody and be one of a small portion of that 5% of new ideas happening every day that you can overcome the 95 or 90% of the repetitive thoughts that are holding them stuck? It’s why we realize that we got to get people to meetings. We got to get them to events. We got to get them on three-way calls.

                                    Why? It’s to fill in. It’s to start to get them to make that 5% today, a new 5% tomorrow but make yesterday’s new some new thoughts about their business, about their opportunity, about their program, about their product that those fill in some of those repetitive thoughts for tomorrow and for the next day. If we can start to take up some brain space and some mind space and some heart space with our new members, things can really start to move forward for us.

Realize The Reality

Here’s something my mentor shared with me. Realize the reality. See. There’s the potential. There’s the past. There’s the desire. You see how these all interconnect these circles. Here’s the reality. Success is a math problem. Success is a math problem. There’s six levels of influence that are out there from personal, to social, to environmental. It’s about your ability. Here’s the things. See where potential and past connect? Do you think people sometimes think, man, I’m going to get so excited about this? Yeah, but I’ve never been able to do it before.

                                    The key is to work in that little pie, that little part in between these two, how do you keep them focused in there to have them cross that gap. It’s where we constantly need to listen to where they are. What are the things … We got to do a little bit deeper dive when we’re having conversations. Doesn’t really help to get why. Now, I’ve been somebody who’s been a proponent of why for years. Here’s the challenge. If we don’t know how to ask the why, think about this. When you were growing up and mom and dad, you did something that wasn’t to their liking, what was the word they used to scold you, to awaken you out of your fog or out of your reality? Why did you do that?

                                    Now, we have a conversation with people and we say, “What’s your why?” Remember, everything is linked. All things are connected in time and space and through thought and through memory. That’s why if I asked you right now, if you could remember your first kiss, you could. You’d go back to it. It would go back into your neural synapse, and it would find that spot, that chemical cocktail that was your first kiss because, in reality, what’s in the brain? There is no light getting in there. There’s no sound. You couldn’t go open my skull and look into my brain and go, “Let’s see the 20 years where Sean was growing up on a farm. Let me go find those pictures.” You can’t.

                                    Your memory is nothing but a whole group of neural connections and synapse that have fired and wired together to create a memory. When we’re talking about potential, there’s not enough wiring and firing that’s taking place in the neural synapse. We have this potential. We can see it. We believe it. We get excited about it, but our past shows up.

                                    Then, we talk about yes, but I’m going to get excited again. I want my potential. Then part of the desire that shows in is I’m going to work hard. I get excited about it. I feel it in my body. Then, the past shows back up. See that little itty-bitty little diagram in the center there where all three circles intersect? That’s the key. That’s where we really want to go to because, then, what happens is the past shows up and it limits the desire. It is a math problem. Can we get over this? Can we get through this? Yes. The answer to that is absolutely yes.

Inspire or Perspire

The question is do your questions inspire or perspire. Now, what I mean by that is what do your questions do when you have a conversation with your prospect or with your team. See. You can’t hide fear. You can mask it. You can do a whole bunch of things. You can call it different names. The reality is it’s important to understand that when you’re going to have a conversation with somebody, how long will that conversation last, how long will it inspire somebody. Is it a lunchtime conversation or a lifetime of results that you can get from each conversation?

                                    I know it sounds …Yeah. It is a responsibility. It is important that you grasp the reality that every interaction leaves a mark on your prospect or on your team. Think about that the next time you’re going to have a conversation with your friends, your family. This is all about life. Network marketing is a great way to teach us about how to be in life.

                                    There’s three powerful questions that I use that I teach to my students that you can use. I’ll give them to you right now. I hope you got pen and paper handy. The three powerful questions are this. Number one, do I have your permission to help? What is the reality of our conversation with a prospect? If they’re having a conversation, they would love to have a solution. They would love to be able to implement something to change their life as soon as they’re done having a conversation with you. They would love to be able to have more, do more, be more, and give more.

                                    But inside of their mind, part of that psychological blueprint that I help you uncover and reveal to yourself is why haven’t you accepted help in the past? What about help? You say, “I don’t need I can get on my own.” What if you were having a conversation with a prospect, and one of the things that say, “Listen, I want to make sure that I can bring you the best value. If what I brought you helped you, would that be okay? Do I have your permission to help you?”

                                    Second question you can ask them is do I have your permission to make you feel just a little bit uncomfortable because if they’re going to go do something they’ve never done, they’re going to have something they’ve never had, they’re going to feel away they’ve never felt, they’re going to think away they’ve never thought, and does that make people feel comfortable or uncomfortable?

                                    Again, your job is a leader. Whether you’re in your business for five minutes or 50 years, your responsibility is to awaken. Emerson said, “I’m not a teacher. I’m an awakener.” Number one question, do I have your permission to help. Number two question, do I have your permission to make you feel a little bit uncomfortable. Number three, here’s a good one because people, when they get a little uncomfortable, a lot of times, we live our life in an uncomfortable state. Do we really want to be there? Do we want to be in that bottom picture frustrated and stressed, and then somebody shows up and we put on the fake face? No, we don’t.

                                    Here’s the third question that’s extraordinarily powerful. I hope you’re writing these down. The third question is do I have your permission to take you out of that uncomfortable feeling. You can just see the release and the stress in there. Yes, please. Those are three very powerful questions. I hope you use them. Really, if you try to add more words to them, if you’re trying to tweak them a little bit, they’re not going to produce the same results that you really wanted. These are tried and true and tested over years and thousands of interviews. Do I have your permission to help? Do I have your permission to make you feel just a little bit uncomfortable? Do I have your permission to take you out of that uncomfortable feeling?

                                    The next thing I’m going to share with you is something that is extraordinarily powerful that keeps you from having to be the carrot and the stick with your prospects and with your team members. Listen carefully. These are huge. It’s 20 reasons in five minutes. You’d ask somebody to pull out a sheet of paper. They want to get some success from their business. They want to have some joy in their life. They want this thing to work. Ask them to pull out pen and pull out a sheet of paper and say, “I’m going to start the clock. We’re going to spend five minutes of quiet time.” You’re going to be thinking. I’m going to be just sitting here and enjoying, but I want you to do this. I’d love for you to do this right now.

                                    Go ahead, and get ready to pause the video because this is powerful. Watch this. I want you to write down the 20 reasons you want your business to succeed, but it’s got to be in a timeframe of five minutes. Again, part of the psychological blueprint is we want to awaken new neural synapses. We want to create new wiring and firing of potential and possibility that they can begin to see and feel because the body is the state of memory.

                                    We do these routines. This is to break them out of a routine. Set your clock for five minutes. Set your timer on your phone for five minutes. Pause the video. Then write down as fast as you can 20 things you want out of your business. Now, if you did that, pause the video now. Go ahead and do that. Then when you’re done, click back on, but you got to stop at five minutes because I’m going to share something important with you.

                                    If you did that, congratulations. If not, make sure you go back and do that, but if you did that, here’s the thing. Did you get to 20? Awesome if you did. You may got to 13 or 15 or 18. That’s cool. The top handful of ones are probably thought based. Six, seven, eight, nine, 10, usually eight to 13 is usually a little bit more heart based, but here’s what I want you to do. Here’s a secret to this. You now have reasons why you want your business to succeed. What if we could find the one? What if you could keep them from being so frustrated and go, “Man, I got 20 things.”

                                    They just break out in a sweat every time they think of this. What if we could inspire them with just one? Watch. Here’s what I want you to do. Look at your sheet. If you haven’t done it, go back and do it, but look at your sheet. If you could only pick … listen. These are the rules. You’re the leader. I’m leading you right now. Here’s what I want you to do. If you could only pick number one or number two on your list, which would you want? I know you want both. I’ve done this in 30 languages and 30 countries?

                                    I’m asking you which do you want? If you could only have one, number one or number two. Great. Which one of those would you want if you had to now make a choice, a decision between that and number three? Now, between those two decisions and so what happens? You see. We’re doing here. We’re playing them off of the other. What will happen is if you keep going down so, number one or number two, which do you want?

                                    Say you pick number two, okay. Number two or number three, which one of those do you want? Number two. Two or number four? You just keep going down against the next one. What happens is when you get all said and done, you’re going to wind up with one. What if your goal and responsibility now is a leader to help them to move them forward to teach them, to guide them, to be able to be a resource to them. You only had to work on that one. Wouldn’t that make a big difference for them? Wouldn’t it be easier for you? Wouldn’t that be … When they say I want to quit, I’m done, you say, “Listen, is number …” whatever the number is, let’s just say it was number 14. “Is 14 it on your list still important?”

                                    See, what happens is it sometimes … I have this phrase, don’t let your thoughts talk you out of your dreams. What happened now is that you reminded them of why they got started, not why you’re trying to move them or why they’re trying to work for you or why you’re the one making all the money or whatever the excuses are that come up in our minds, myself included, you probably as well if we had that one thing that we knew we had to continue to work for, it wouldn’t matter what it.

                                    When you say is number 14 still important, what’s their answer? What possible answer could they say other than, “Yeah, it’s still important.” Here’s the thing you could ask him the next question. Have you found somebody that’s more committed to help you reach 14 than me? Shouldn’t we get back to work? Wouldn’t that be cool if you could just do that because here’s the reality. Caring is about you. Well, man, I just love my team. I really do everything for them. Caring is about you. Courage is about them. Your job is to be a courage feeder, is to feed that courage in them, to overcome.

                                    Remember, if we go back to the circles, remember the circles, past and desire and potential, you’re constantly trying to get into that intersection of all three circles. It’s a tiny little portion of possibility, but it’s the dynamite that can break through the past fears and the threats of desire. Is that making sense? I hope it is.

What’s Next

What’s next? Share this 12th-anniversary edition with everybody that you can. I can promise you that the content in here is going to be absolutely amazing. If you want to learn more about how to build the psychological blueprint, visit …I’ve got a little funnel that you can get some information, some downloads, some questions, some surveys that you can use with your team. I want to be able to give to you. It’s what George Madiou has done for 12 years, is give, give, give to make this your best year ever.

                                    Visit for more information. I’d love to be able to help you be a value, give you that little secret that you could to get to the next level. But do me a favor. Share this article with your team. Get them to be part of George. I don’t know if you know about this, but George has put together this community called the 27%er Community. What it is it’s people like you that are building every day. It’s the secrets of success. There’s trainings inside of there that that it’s phenomenal. Learn more about the 27%er.

                                    Thanks for being here. Have an outstanding day. I’m Sean Murphy, founder of Mental Profits and creator of I’ll see you where? At the next event. Till then. Thanks for all you do, and bye for now.



Sean Murphy


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