The Power of Storytelling for Networking Professionals by David Feinstein

The Power of Storytelling for Networking Professionals

Storytelling is an old art that mainly stems to novelists and journalists. However, many businesses are turning to storytelling to help readers embrace their business. They are educating leads in a way that are helpful and personal. Stories teach us lessons and entertain us. Learn how your stories can make you memorable and entertain your prospects, while free up your time to do other things

Educate, Train and become Memorable through your storytelling

Storytelling has been around for thousands of years and it has passed stories from one generation to the next. There is power in stories, this power is now being harnessed by businesses such as yours. Newspapers have used stories since the early days to captivate their readers, even when television came into existence, they started off with stories that entertained and shared events. You can do this with your business.

Education can be told through storytelling. Educational content is in high demand that comes from a storyteller’s point of view. The education value can be told in a story format that creates a memorable experience for your prospects. If you read blogs regularly or even online articles, you may have seen a trend going towards story-based content. If you haven’t been reading blogs or other content, you’re missing out on an opportunity to connect and network with people. You’re losing out on a free education.

How do you make your content memorable through storytelling? Just like a journalist, you can ask the basic questions of why, who, where, when and how and fill in the details to create a basic story. You can shift the basic questions around to make it more chronological, it’s important to understand the basic format. You don’t have to be a New York’s Times bestseller to write a story. You don’t even need to have a super creative flair. You have been given the basic formula to create a basic story.

Reality wins over fictionalized stories

Real stories will always triumph over ones that are made up. A fake story is one that you see in novels. A real story is based on true events and experiences. If you don’t have any stories to share but your own experiences, that is better than making one up or stealing one from somewhere else. People may doubt your story, but if you have personally experienced it; No one can argue with someone with personal experience, regardless. Some stories may require permission to use and slight alterations to protect names. If you write such a story, please use a warning at the top of the story indicating that names have been changed to protect the awesome people.


The Power of Storytelling-David Feinstein

David Feinstein


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