Endear Yourself To Your Audience With Story Telling By Scott Schilling

Endear Yourself to your Audience with Story Telling

At the ripe old age of 18, I realized I wasn’t the only one going to the Tippie School of Business at the University of Iowa.  In fact, there were thousands of other students working towards getting their Bachelor of Business Administration degree.

If I had an advantage over the field it was because I was pursuing a double major – marketing and insurance.  Somebody had told me that would theoretically more valuable to prospective companies during the hiring process…still four years away.

I was also fortunate enough to be playing football at this Big 10 university…what an awesome time that was…for the most part!

While experiencing all this as an 18-year-old freshman, I also realized that I was going to come out of college with the same degree and virtually everyone else coming out of Iowa at that same time.  So, what was going to make me different?  What was going to make me a better choice than someone else?

I got it…personal face to face selling experience so I enrolled in a College Agent training program and became a licensed life insurance agent at age 18.  In fact, I sold over a quarter million dollars’ worth of insurance in my first month…not bad for a newbie!

The net result of all that hard work ultimately paid off when I graduated as I had seven job offers at a time when most graduates with a BBA were offered none.  What an advantage stretching myself and learning how to communicate with others at an early stage of my career has been.  To this day, I speak, train and coach for a living…PAUSE!

What you have just completed reading is a story.

A story of the start of my career, and a big part of the foundation that has set me apart from so many other people that suggest they do things similar to what I do.  The biggest difference, they haven’t done what I’ve done!

In talking with John Maxwell one day I asked, “John, what is the single most thing you get asked consistently?”  His response, “It would have to be how to achieve success in your career…my answer consistently…

Everyone always wants what I have until I ask are willing to do what I did to get it?!”

YOUR story differentiates you.  There is no other person in the world that has lived your exact story, and because of that, the better you become at sharing not only your story but many stories the more successful you will become throughout your career.  The reason is simple…people love to root for other people to win.  When you share your story effectively, you become their pony!

A story relates information in a way that is easier to consume, typically doesn’t offend others, and positions you better than if you simply did the Joe Friday… “Just the facts ma’am!”  Nobody want to hear a dissertation, they want to get to know you, like you and ultimately trust you…through living side by side with you.  You give them the opportunity to identify with you.

So, let’s take a quick look at the story at the start and see what was said without being said, or implied. At the ripe old age of 18…you’re are older than that today…holy cow…you’ve been doing this sales stuff for a long time…I bet you know your stuff!

You played football, went to school, sold life insurance, and graduated…man when you want to make things happen, you go after it and make them happen! Yep!

Seven job offers when others got none…learning more, doing more, stretching yourself certainly differentiated you from the field.

Sold over quarter million dollars in your first month…you obviously wanted to be successful, I bet you did everything your mentors suggested, if it worked for you it can work for me!

Communicating face to face is an irreplaceable skill…when you have the ability to communicate with anyone easily, you become valuable to a lot of people and organizations.

People get weary if you continually fire facts, figures, technical information etc. at them.  If you can share a story that creates parallels for your prospect and their life, you win an audience that not only wants to listen…but will take your advice as well.

Why is this all so important?  People do business with those they know, like and trust…with trust being the most important part of that equation.  When you can effectively tell stories, people get to know you better, like you easier, start to trust you faster.

If trust needs to be established before anyone does business with you…AND IT DOES!…using the story to relate versus simply telling about the product or offering create and builds trust faster, and with greater quality.

Become a storyteller…people love to hear a quality story…and many times, the moral(s) of the story does that vast majority of the relationship building necessary to create a customer.

Endear your Audience…-Scott Schilling



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