Storytelling As A Strategy By George Madiou

Storytelling As A Strategy

One of the most interesting people that I’ve ever met was a man by the name of Bill Gove. When I met Bill he was in his mid-80’s. What I quickly learned about Bill was he was considered the father of public speaking. Bill was one of the greatest speech coaches of all times. The night I met him, he was with his young partner Steve Siebold. Bill asked me how did I come to be at the party we were attending. I shared the story of the tremendous results my wife had experience with the products that were part of the company we were all involved in. Bill asked me to tell him the story that changed mine and my wife’s life.

I went on to share, as a result of the great product experience she had after18 years of suffering, Debbie had no more pain!

Bill was hanging on every word and after that 10 minute story Bill turned to Steve and said “that’ll play” and then he went off and got a drink.

I asked Steve, what did your friend mean by “that’ll play.” Steve said, do you know who Bill is? That’s Bill Gove. He’s is one of the greatest speech coaches of all time and he listens to what you had to say as if you were up on stage telling your story. And he likes your story! That night started a wonderful friendship between Bill and Steve and myself and I was privileged to know the man that I fondly called the Babe Ruth of speaking.

I learned so much over the years from Bill. Back then, speaking was nerve-racking but Bill taught me that it didn’t have to be hard. He told me,

“speaking is easy, everyone does it!”

And he was right. He told me that speaking is just storytelling to get your message across. It’s not about reciting facts and figures, it’s speaking from your heart.

Effective storytelling can be a part of our everyday life. It doesn’t  matter if you are speaking to your children, coaching a little league team or instructing employees.

You are more effective telling a story rather than talking at someone, try it out on a prospect!

Practice it. It’s fun! The next time you are with someone, anyone……… tell them a story!


Storytelling as a Strategy..George Madiou

George Madiou


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