How to Tell a Story By Rick Hannon

How to Tell a Story

A compelling story can turn a good presentation into an exceptional one. How?

A story has the power to color our words with meaning in a way that words or facts alone can’t.

Stories stick in our minds, leaving impressions long after we first hear them. They humanize us, helping people we may have never met understand us as well as things that we have experienced, whether or not they have experienced the same.

It’s important to be relevant, to know your topic, why it matters, and who the audience is. A key thing you need to keep in mind for successful storytelling is the goal: what are you there to fix, do or promote.

There is a structure to storytelling that you can apply to help gain full attention from your audience and connect them to your subject matter or topic.

  • First – Know your Audience: identify whom you’re speaking to and what they need to hear from you. Try to choose a story with which your audience can resonate on an emotional level. Make sure to choose a story that illustrates one of your main points.

  • Second – Set the Scene: give your listeners any key information they’ll need in order to understand your story.  Blend human experience with the emotion of the story.

  • Third – Build up Interest: create a rising action effect. This is a very critical step. It will drive people to whatever revelation you are getting them ready for. So, you need to massage their brains with interesting and relevant information or facts that will move toward the breakthrough of your topic.

  • Fourth – Hit your Climax: The climax is the peak that your story is building toward. It should be clear and condensed, typically just a few lines of action or dialogue.

  • Fifth – Make Everything Connect: The wrap-up is where you interpret the meaning of the story and connect it to the issues you’re discussing.

Let me tell you my story of how I became involved in Network Marketing.

I grew up on Long Island NY; I met my wife Cindy in High School, we dated for several years and I went off to college for two years studying Construction Technology while we maintained our relationship.

I began working in NYC with the Construction Union. It was during those six months I realized I could not be an employee and needed to be self-employed if I was going to be happy in life.

I found a job locally working one season for a Landscape Contractor and learned the trade as I also attended college at night studying horticulture and landscape design. Knowing I enjoyed this field, I started my own business at the age of 21. One year later I bought our first home, the following year I married my High School sweetheart.

As much as I enjoyed owning my own business, I soon discovered the business owned me.  Then, during one winter (which always left me out of work), a friend introduced me to MLM. I fell in love with the concept of duplicating and multiplying my efforts through other people. That company was not for us, however, I did answer an ad that leads me to be sponsored and trained by a young couple who was earning a six-figure income in another more duplicable program.

I quickly learned how to develop a team, which would help us build a second income stream part time as we taught them the same.  Cindy and I were fortunate to have been able to achieve enough success to be placed on the speaking circuit. During the next two years, we grew and learned the basic fundamentals of building a network.  Unfortunately, that company when out of business due to poor management.

 Over the years I have made other attempts to find the right program for us. I knew and believed in this concept. I knew I could succeed, and I knew people that felt as I did, finally, in 1992 we found it. We are now celebrating our 25th year with the company, and we now have a global network in ten countries with more than several hundred thousand people in our organizations and over 200 people in the Million Dollar Club and hundreds earning six figures with thousands for whom this is their only income.

We have traveled across the USA training other entrepreneurs how to build a solid income part-time. We have been and continue to train globally with businesses in Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore,  Taiwan, Spain, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. I have designed my ideal lifestyle; some would call it a designer lifestyle.  I have and continue to help many others reach their own goals.  I continue to do what I love, working with people.  God has blessed our business; we are able to help missions that we believe in and love worldwide. This is my story, combining what I love with God in the center of my life.



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