What is the special relationship between women and Network Marketing? By David Feinstein

What is the special relationship between women and Network Marketing?

The Power of Integrity

Integrity has its own power and weight in the world. People trust those who come across as honest and open. Going transparent doesn’t have to be difficult. You do have to define a strong moral code that you won’t break. You do have to be clear and precise in your marketing and the way that you deal with people. Sometimes, you must let others know that they may not be a good fit for your opportunity. If you can’t do that, then you may need to work on your morals.

Integrity Creates Trusting Relationships that have long term benefits

An honest person cannot be blamed for misleading people. Honest people may have to work at success a little more than others. In the long run, people will appreciate them a lot more than those who have been dishonest. While it may seem easier to hide a little truth from the world, you will pay for the error in the end. It is more important to have few trusting relationships than a whole list of friends that won’t speak to you. Trust is important when it comes to the securities of life, those who are close to you now have earned your trust carefully and hopefully with honest intentions.

Relationships can sour for a little while if someone lies, cheats or steals from you. In many cases, they can ruin the friendship or partnership with the other person. This means being open and honest in every encounter with those you meet. Friendships are valuable resources that are very difficult to replace. The world is already black and blue from the pain that life has dealt. Making new relationships is hard for people, who are not ready to go beyond their own patio.

How to be honest in your business?

Integrity in business dealings is vital, it can turn casual encounters into friendships with complete strangers. It will hold you accountable for your actions and how you speak. You won’t have guilt or suspicion of mistrust hanging about. People can trust you to provide honest advice and guidance in their career or in life.  You must set a standard for yourself before engaging in business. The moral code is the line between honest and dishonest practices. This line is one that separates the good girls from the bad ones. By not crossing the line between right and wrong, you can ensure that people will find you to be a trust worthy asset for future encounters.


David Feinstein


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