Giving Thanks Is Not Just For Thanksgiving Day By John Hackett

Giving thanks is not just for Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving is a great time of year to reflect and be grateful for our many blessings. I would say that we should have an attitude of gratitude all year. An attitude of gratitude is important in direct sales as the foundation of your direct sales business is your relationships with those we serve and those who serve us. Long-term relationships lead to long-term friendships and long-term sales. I see this every day as my wife is a long time Director in Mary Kay.

I recently overheard her talking to a client who recalled my wife making deliveries in her pink car with three baby seats.Those three daughters are now 35,34,and 33 .

How do we build those long-term relationships? Outstanding customer service is a big factor, but I think showing gratitude is a bigger part of the equation. How can you show gratitude to those you serve and those who support you in your direct selling efforts?

A couple of times and ways I am sure many of you consider:

  1. Do you offer promotions for;

       Customers birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions

       The anniversary of their first purchase with you

       Your anniversary in the business

       The season of the year


       Random times

  1. Do you send thank you notes?

Electronic notes are nice to receive, but there is something special about a handwritten thank you note. I am a 46-year educator, and I have most of the thank you notes I received.

  1. Do you support customers through tough times and good times?

         Have you attended weddings?

Sent notes and new baby gifts?

     Do you send condolence notes to customers who have had difficulties or loss?

Have you attended wakes to be in support?

Your time and thoughts and prayers are a very special sign of gratitude.

  1. What about those who support our direct selling efforts?

Sometimes their efforts go unnoticed, but you could not do your job  without them.

The distribution center staff member you talk to frequently and can always find a way to support you or a team member.

The Delivery person who brings products to your door to get to your clients.

A simple thank you note, or card every so often is true gratitude.

A fun exercise might be interesting for you and some fellow direct sellers/team /unit members to think up some other possibilities to show gratitude in an ongoing fashion throughout the year. I am sure you will be very creative in finding ways to show gratitude. I am also sure you would come to find out the truth in one of my favorite quotes from Mary Kay Ash.

”What you send out into the lives of others comes back ten-fold to you.”

Gratitude is an attitude, not just a day.



John Hackett


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