Posturing for Profits in Network Marketing by David Nelson

Author_21381DavidANelsonDeveloping and maintaining the proper posture and action in network marketing drives you to create the success you desire and deserve For network marketing profits, posture is just as important as knowledge. A proper posture or stature in network marketing is absolutely essential in obtaining lasting profits for you and your downline distributors. Proper posture is positive and powerful. It’s readily recognized by those around you — the distributors in your downline, your upline, company contacts, and critically important, by your prospects. You demonstrate it verbally, as well as, non-verbally. Your posture in network marketing is communicated through your words and your actions. Your posture is determined by your thoughts and beliefs. Posture is defined as the position or attitude of the body. It’s the characteristic way of bearing your body. As it pertains to network marketing, it’s the frame of mind affecting your thoughts or behavior regarding network marketing. NULL

Your network marketing stature is your overall attitude, development, and growth regarding network marketing.

YOU must develop proper posture!

It needs to be positive and powerful. Your posture in network marketing greatly affects your actions and the results you obtain. Potential distributors judge your opportunity by what they see and hear. First impressions, the initial contact by you or your marketing materials, create lasting impressions. For many prospects, your posture is the critical ingredient in the decision to join you in a business relationship. Discover and internalize the elements of proper posture in network marketing and you can attain the success you seek and work to obtain.

In addition to financial success, proper posture is the key to having fun and enjoyment in network marketing.

Proper, positive, and powerful posture is not arrogance. I don’t like the connotation or the characteristic of arrogance. Confidence is not arrogance. Confidence is a positive characteristic and of utmost importance for positive results in recruiting and downline development. Confidence is a part of proper posture. Once you discover and create the proper posture for network marketing, you remove negative beliefs, fear, barriers of doubt, guilt, and skepticism from your attitude and appearance. In their place you deposit commitment, confidence, empathy, effective and persuasive communication, enthusiasm, and passion. It takes about the same amount of energy to create a negative or poor posture as it does to develop a positive and proper posture for network marketing. Poor posture provides no-win situations. Proper posture produces win-win relationships.

As YOU build win-win relationships in network marketing, YOU succeed.

There are five key elements for proper posture in network marketing. You must develop and maintain all five in order to really engage in the business with all your heart and soul. Many of you already have one or more of them, and hopefully all five. Discovering them and utilizing them empowers you to obtain the proven profits of network marketing that you desire. It makes doing the business much easier. The five elements you need to internalize are as follows: Posture Number One: “I LOVE network marketing!” To be a successful professional in network marketing, you must love network marketing. I love network marketing! I have a passion for it. Network marketing is the last bastion of free enterprise. Network marketing offers the most powerful opportunity for the greatest number of individuals to succeed in owning a business. I love network marketing. It’s the best way for average people to enhance and own their lives. I am proud of the theory of network marketing. The theoretical principles that make the business work are powerful. When properly employed, they enable an individual to capitalize on the efforts of many. They empower people to earn a significant residual income and enjoy one of the greatest benefits of life — time freedom. If you are not able to love network marketing because of past experience or lack of knowledge, the key to obtaining the “I love network marketing!” posture, is education. Perhaps you do not comprehend the serious nature of the business opportunity. Maybe someone presented it to you with the wrong focus. Get more good information about the business. Study and learn the principles upon which the theory of network marketing is based. Once you understand these principles, choose an opportunity that conforms to them and can provide you the financial rewards that you seek. When properly presented and worked, programs that are built upon correct principles do not produce negative experiences.

The theory makes good business sense.

Use your business sense in evaluating the industry and any opportunity presented to you. There are programs that foster the “I love network marketing!” posture. When you love network marketing, you are never embarrassed about being in network marketing. You readily convey to others that you are a network marketing professional with a tremendous part-time or full-time career opportunity. You don’t have to use the “curiosity approach” or hide behind deceptive prospecting techniques sneaking up on people in an attempt to get them in the business. The “I love network marketing!” attitude is recognized by prospects. They feel and know that you are sincere about what you are doing. Many are attracted to you because of your posture. Posture Number Two: “I LOVE my company!” If you are to sell others on your company, you must love your company! You must believe that it’s a dynamic company with great products, great management, great stability, a great compensation plan, great vision, and great potential. You love the company because it offers a complete and realistic business opportunity for individuals from all walks of life, and especially for part-timers. You are proud to tell others that you are associated with “XYZ Network Marketing Company.” You believe the company offers an unprecedented business opportunity — the timing is right to be involved with your company. Because 90% to 95% of the participants in network marketing are part-time networkers, in order to love your company, the compensation plan must be designed to enable these part-time networkers to create significant residual bonus checks. If part-time participants cannot make money, how can you love the company? I love the company that I represent. All companies have challenges they must continually work through. They change, and there are always challenges. That is true for network marketing companies, as well as, what others consider to be more conventional and traditional companies. It’s part of business. To increase the love of your company, obtain and digest additional company information! Read the policies and procedures of your company. Learn about the management and key executives. Become familiar with the company’s mission statement. Because I have the strong postures of numbers one and two, when people ask me what I do for a living, I answer, “I’m in network marketing with a company called XYZ Company. What have you heard about XYZ Company?”

I respond with positive emotion and feeling. I say it with enthusiasm.

I am not a “closet networker” that is embarrassed to let others know that I am a network marketing professional. Posture Number Three: “I LOVE my company’s products! I am my best ‘retail’ customer!” What this means is that I am a product user. Networkers have been taught to be “a product of the product.” You cannot expect others to get excited about your products if you don’t use them and love them yourself. When you are your best “retail” customer and use the products, you know from personal experience that the products work. You give personal, persuasive testimonial to the results that you obtain. You develop total confidence in the products and their validity. You
continually use the products and make them available to others with enthusiasm and passion. Your prospects and customers can tell from your posture if you really love the products and are using them. Yes, I love my company’s products! They enhance my life and are valuable to me! “I am my best retail customer!”


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