Words Of Wisdom… Closing, Perception And What do I say first? By Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

Words Of Wisdom… Closing, Perception And What do I say first?


Yes, if we don’t close, we don’t get paid. Chit-chatting with people and not getting their “yes” decision is more of a social visit instead of building our business.

Q. So why is closing so difficult for us when we first join our business?
A. Because we fall in love with what we have to offer.

We try to close our prospects on the merits of our benefits and our solutions to their problems. We are closing on “what we have to offer” … facts, features, and benefits.

Instead, we should close our prospect on “why they want to fix their problem” … the reason they want to solve their problem.

The difference is huge.

If we are a “what we have to offer” closer, our prospects feel that we are salespeople with an agenda.

If we are a “why they want to fix their problem” closer, our prospects will feel our support and thank us for helping them make the “yes” decision.

Perception is more important than reality.

Who we are … is not as important as who our prospects think we are. Sad, but true. It is how our prospects perceive us that shapes their reactions to us.

For example, if we are a kind person, but our prospects feel that we are selfish, they will react to us as if we are a selfish person. They will withdraw, be cautious, and possibly be skeptical about everything we say.

Fortunately, we can affect the perception our prospects have of us with body language, tone of voice, and the words we say. The perception of our prospects happens on many levels. Here is just one way our prospects see us.

We can take this little five-question test and see how our prospects perceive our color personality. This test takes about one minute. Enjoy.


What do I say first?

Networkers enjoy giving presentations. That is the fun part.

The hard part is to get prospects to want to hear our presentations. We need to build their desire. It all starts with the first sentence.

Do you have great first sentences for your business? If not, here is an entire book of opening first sentences that we can use.

Editor’s recommendation…. Learn the correct words from the master.

While we’re at it….

We can make closing easier and more comfortable by saying these words a few sentences before we close. The words are: “So in closing …”

This signals to our prospects that we are finishing, and they will have to make a decision.



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