Integrity By Dr. Roger Boger

Integrity By Dr. Roger Boger

If I were to begin on this subject, I would say it is the magical substance that binds people together in the most successful relationship of marketing teams.

Integrity is, by definition, the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.

Network marketing companies haven’t always been the most popular places to conduct business and have, over the years, garnered some negative comments and responses in the realm of the general public.

Having been involved as a professional in this space for over thirty years, I have come to understand that relationship marketing is the most moral way to do business, because it is the most honest. In other words, to climb to the top in any Networking company, as I have before, requires that you help others to succeed. In the corporate pyramid, the way to make your way to the top, is to step on others or hold them down or in a bad light.

So, what exactly is Network Distribution? It has as its main tenants these three “R’s”, as I like to call them :


    Referrals come from people who know, like and trust you…..KLT. Referrals from a trusted source.


    Relationships that develop through trust.


    Reputation …….your most precious trait as a professional.

People who are in integrity never over promise and under deliver, they do exactly the opposite of that; Under promise and over deliver – always.

Always, ALWAYS tell the truth and ALWAYS stay honest.

Companies that brag about their product in an exaggerated way have no integrity.

Network marketers who say you can get rich quickly, have no integrity.

As a professional, you are in integrity (when you have a problem) when you throw up to your upline sponsor, never complain to your life line (a word I use instead of downline) as I feel that is a more honest way to refer to people in your business.  Try it, your team will be pleased and look at your integrity in a different way…..a more positive way.

At the beginning of a new relationship, I always, always state that I am a professional and here to help you succeed. That I will be there for that person and what it means to me…that this is no game and I am here in front of them humbly, as a Professional in the industry of relationship marketing.  THEN back that up by helping them WIN by doing What’s Important Now .

In Integrity,

Dr Roger A Boger

Professional Network Marketer

Global Entrepreneur

Roger Boger


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