How to Create More Income For a Comfortable and Fun Retirement by Fred Raley

What to Do When You Run Out Of People to Talk To

How to create more income for a comfortable and fun retirement

We got this marketing thing upside down. 

Consider this.  See if you can find the error in logic.

Example:  You find a very powerful offer to join a network marketing company.  The product line looks great and the compensation plan looks even better.  “This is the answer to your retirement worries for sure.”  you think.

You join said MLM, order products and get your company provided affiliate page up and running with your picture and story on it (maybe, usually not… I’ll explain the significance of this later.)

You proceed to put out some ads and feelers on social media and maybe even make a YouTube video or write a blog post or two.

Nothing happens.

No one signs up.

Even your best friend whom you batter incessantly is ignoring your texts and tweets.

Have you spotted the logic error in this story yet?

The poor MLM prospect has been set up for the classic 97% failure that pervades our industry.

He knows nothing of how to market, has no marketing materials to speak of and could not sell if his life depended on it.

He joined a business that requires at least a basic understanding of marketing and knows nothing about it.

What if you got him on your prospect list and trained him on how to market FIRST?  Train him on:

  • How to understand what his perfect prospect looks like and what the wants and needs of this prospect are that need attention

  • How to build a list of this kind of prospect

  • How to communicate and train these prospects to find new prospects, teach and train them and become known, liked and trusted.

  • How to build your own lead magnets to build that list even faster.

These are the tools of our trade… they are all about generating new prospects on a daily basis and getting them to know, like and trust us so when we make an offer (Join my MLM) they will at least consider it.

People join people.  Become a likable people and you will have lots of folks joining you in your MLM.

So the title of this article is misleading:  You should never run out of prospects if you learn how to market successfully as a first order of business.

Is it easy?

No!  You will lose prospects along the way for sure.  Most folks are looking for the “easy button.”  You NEED to lose those folks.  Make them unsubscribe.

The ones that stick around, come to all of your trainings and soak it up; those are the ones with whom you will build strong MLM teams.

Oh, and what’s this about having a company provided affiliate page?  Forget about it.  Even IF they provide you with one, it is likely not optimized for collecting interested leads, putting them in your autoresponder and educating them on how to run an MLM business.

YOU need to be doing that because your MLM company most like will not (assume they won’t) and even if they do, they will do it for THEIR benefit… not yours.

Here are some basics of running an online business that everyone will need.

  • Personal website: to set yourself apart from the crowd

  • Blog: for your custom articles, videos and audios to educate and promote

  • Custom email address: Stay out of the spam filters with an email address from your own domain. NEVER market with a “Free” email like Gmail or Hotmail.

  • Video promotion: Your ability to make videos will help your professional image as well as lead generation and getting your message across

  • Social media: Don’t try to master all of these.  Pick one (especially if that is where your target market hangs out) and master it first.

  • List building: A critical factor.  Your list is really your only “Asset” in an online business.  Take away everything else and you can still make sales with email.

  • Lead generation: A close second to list building (is this a “Chicken vs. Egg” question?)

You have to be able to modify your tactics if the business strategy dictates.  A big piece of that is defining your target market and avatar.  This lets you target your advertising to build lists of prospects that are targeted to your products and services.

Fred “The Submarine Guy” Raley developed to help people build solid business empires online.  You can get his free report “The Five Critical Factors for Home Business Success” from his site.

Fred Raley


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