So, You Want to Grow a Beanstalk? By Amy McKenzie

So, You Want to Grow a Beanstalk?

Did I get that right? You want to grow a beanstalk and you’ve lost Jack’s phone number? Fresh out of magic seeds you say? Oh, fresh out of contacts, I see, I’m with you now. Well, no worries, we’ve got a secret formula for that but first… there are one or two things we need to cover first.

If you’ve run out of people, the first step is to, “Do the happy dance!”

Sound silly? I’m serious. Listen, we all know this Network Marketing thing isn’t easy, if it were, everybody would do it. And here’s the thing, if you’ve run out of people to contact, I mean truly exhausted your list, then you deserve some kudos because it means you’ve really been ‘doing the deal.’ Good job!

Before we’re entirely convinced however, perhaps we should ask ourselves a brutally honest question, “Have I really exhausted my list?” If you feel confident you’ve thoroughly explored this question, then “pass go” and skip ahead. If not,

I invite you to take my Network Marketing litmus tests.

The first test is easy to come by, find yourself a Memory Jogger. My mentor, Fred Holmes, has great advice on how to get the most out of one of these, “Play it like a game.” It really can be fun, especially when done with your team. Get an egg timer and write down as many names as you can think of before the timer runs out, then move on to the next section. This little trick helps avoid our – nearly unavoidable, and constantly present – editing process. It’s amazing what names suddenly appear on the whiteboard of our minds when we press the pause button on prejudging people.

Now that you have a stack of leads to call, well, you know what to do, start dialing. And FYI, in this game emailing and texting don’t count, you’ll have to pick up the phone and speak to a live human being. Just saying.

Now you’ve exhausted this list you’re ready to learn the big secret, the one you know exists but that no one will tell you. Right? Well… no, first, we need to ask another question, “Have I gone back to everyone I’ve ever contacted and let them know I’m on a rampage, expanding like crazy, and seeking referrals?”

Okay so this can be a stomach turner, I know, but here’s the thing, everyone knows someone who needs the product or service you have. How do you know? Because you did! The trick of course, thank you Jim Rohn, is having a good story to tell and learning to tell it well.

Mastering the art of getting referrals is tantamount to success in any business. Ignore the voice in your head saying, “But I don’t want to!” and pick up the phone.

Okay, you’ve really made it now and passed the first two litmus tests, congratulations! Surely it must be time for the super-secret magic formula that has the big dogs winning at their game, right? Well, soon, but not quite yet. Because by now, some of the people you contacted from your Memory Jogger have looked over your materials; some percentage have tried your product or service; and a couple have even signed up. This is the perfect time to go back to them, (especially now that you are a Referral Pro) and ask who in their life might need what you have. You may even offer an incentive to thank them for sharing their trusted contacts with you.

Done? Okay, so let’s agree you really have called everyone you could ever think of, except wait… have you searched the web? Gone through your old yearbooks? Camp photos? Family reunions? Asked Great Aunt Mary for her family contact list? (Who are all those people she sends Christmas cards to every year? Oh my gosh, I have cousins in Germany?!? Who knew?)

All right, perhaps by now you really have remembered to contact everyone you know, and everyone you didn’t remember you knew- like the guy who sold you your car, (and made a healthy profit) and the realtor who sold you your home, (who made an even healthier profit) – and all those people you’ve forgotten you do business with every day. And let’s say you’ve even reached out to everyone you didn’t know that someone you know, knows so you are truly and literally fresh out of leads. It must be time for the big secret! Yes, except…

Don’t go hating on me now but we’ve got to ask ourselves a few more questions; first, “Have I encouraged my team to take on this same process?” (Oh my, is there no end to this?) Last two questions, I promise. “Have they contacted their car dealer, their realtor, and their candlestick maker? Have they truly exhaust all of their leads… ?”

If the answer is yes, then we are truly ready to look at how to find new leads. What the heck is this big secret?  Okay, I give, it’s a set-up, but that’s okay because you already know the answer… there isn’t one. No big secret, and no surprise — it all comes down to building new relationships.

I know, you’re probably saying, “I’ve heard this all before, blah, blah, blah…“ Yeah but just hang on a sec, are we actually doing what there is to do? If our businesses have gone stagnant then the answer is probably no. There’s no escaping it, if we want to grow we’ve got to go out into the world and belly up with people. The good news is, there are as many ways to engage with people as there are people to engage with!

Here are some ideas that may inspire new action:

  • What’s your favorite hobby? Have you considered joining a club? This is a great way to meet like-minded people and get to know them first.

  • Where are the networking meetings in your area? Sure, it’s a monthly (tax deductible) expense but if you give it some time, attend meetings regularly and build trust, eventually people will ask you to share your products, your services and maybe even your opportunity with them.

  • When you are running errands, are you listening? Every day someone is complaining about what’s not working in their lives. As my dear friend Dr. Ben Bowers says, “Listen for their pain!” Once you identify the problem you can ask if they might be interested in hearing about a possible solution. (Permission-based invitations go a long way.)

  • Do you attend a church and if so, have you asked if you can do a presentation about something that might benefit the congregation?

  • Have you volunteered lately? There are so many opportunities out there for making a difference. In the process, you are building relationships, helping others, and listening for problems to solve.

  • Pretty good odds you have local businesses in your area. Have you stopped by any and let them know you have something to offer? People drop by businesses every day, nothing unusual. Why not give a try? I find keeping samples in my trunk works well, that way I’m always prepared to share at any given moment.

These suggestions are a mere fraction of what is possible. In fact, you never know what might happen when you venture forth, armed with materials.

Just the other day, I happened upon a woman who put-putted into the parking lot near my car, completely out of gas. While asking if she needed help, she noticed the sample I was holding and asked me what it was. She tells me she’s been looking for something to solve a certain problem. Now she’s trying out a sample, extremely grateful she may have found an answer. She has a possible solution and I have a new prospect.

Then a gentleman came along while I had my trunk open and saw my neatly stacked samples. He next wanted to know what was in the packages. Turns out I was parked in front of his grocery store, not a place I had considered visiting, yet he asked me to please come in and share about my products.

Turns out he was most impressed with the idea of residual income. He and his wife own three brick & mortar businesses, are doing quite well, but have very little time to spend together. They are now sampling the products and interested in becoming business builders.

Had I stayed at home, fretting over how to find my next lead, none of this would have happened. Ironically, neither of the establishments I had targeted that day were interested, yet I went home with three new prospects that are genuinely interested. Does it happen that way every time? No, of course not.

But it certainly would never have happened if I hadn’t left my house, and my comfort zone, behind. In the end, it all comes down to mindset.

I find using simple affirmations helps keep me on track. For example, “Everywhere I go, whatever I do, I meet people who want what I have to offer.” Write your own, whatever resonates with you. The words mean nothing if they do not inspire you. Our thoughts and feelings must be aligned for our intentions to carry any weight.

So, we’ve decoded the big “secret.”

We just need to go out in the world. That’s it. Then, when the moment is right we can finally say, “I think I may have something that can help with that, might you be interested in learning more?”

Let’s recap.

5 Steps to Cracking the Recruiting Code:

Leave your house

Ask questions


Ask permission

Be prepared to share

Is it really that simple? Just throw some seeds in the air and see where they fall? Well, yes. Of course, like any good gardener, unless you have magic seeds you may want to: choose your location, till the soil, prune regularly and water daily.

Seedlings are one thing, but if you want to grow a giant beanstalk, well, it’s going to take some TLC. And who knows, with a little patience, some weeding, and a lot of persistence, you may just find a giant – of a networker – right in your own backyard.

Thanks Jack, I’m back on track!


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