Four Network Marketing Beliefs you Probably Don’t Have – and Shouldn’t……Yet! By Dale Calvert

Four Network Marketing Beliefs you Probably Don’t Have – and Shouldn’t……Yet!

 Hey George, and The Network Marketing Magazine, this month’s topic Network Marketing Belief, you can take it to the bank!

Take this to the bank, there’s four beliefs that you must develop in order to maximize your personal upside potential with this profession. FOUR, I’m going to share with those four with you in just a second, but before I do I think it’s real important that we understand as human beings we’re all made up of opinions, attitudes, and beliefs.

Opinions, attitudes and beliefs.  

Most people have opinions about things that they have no business even having an opinion about.

I mean just go on social media and just look at all the people spouting their opinions based upon the headlines that they’re reading. I learned a long time ago,

it’s better to be thought of as ignorant than to type something on social media and remove all doubt

“Well Dale, don’t you think I’m entitled to my opinion.”  Yeah you are, but get out of my news-feed with it. We’re all made up of opinions. We have way too many opinions.

We have attitudes. Attitude is more conviction.

it’s like we’ve heard the saying, “They’ve got a real attitude about that.” Yeah, because when somebody with an attitude is communicating with someone that has an opinion. The person with the attitude, because they usually are are based upon some form of facts or track record so they have an attitude. The track record of the experience then is a much stronger emotion than an opinion.

We’re all made up of opinions, attitudes and beliefs. With beliefs, most of us can count our true beliefs on our two hands and our two feet easily. Most people have very few true beliefs. So we’re always humans, all your prospects, all your potential customers, were all made up of opinions attitudes and beliefs. So when you’re in the marketplace and somebody says yeah my uncle’s brothers next-door neighbor got involved in one of those things and blah blah blah. That’s just someone just trying to give you the brush-off. It is a profession. In this profession as somebody that’s committed to building a business and if you think that this profession can really help them and make a significant difference for them and you allow them to give you that type of brush-off, that’s on you! It’s usually because your attitude is not at the level and your belief is not at the level it should be. Make sense now?

When you enter the profession your opinion probably got positive about either the company, the products, network marketing itself. Your opinion got positive so you joined. Then you go in the market and somebody says boo and a lot of times your opinion goes the other way.

So in the beginning you got this pendulum swinging in your head, all of us did! You’re no different. You should not have the belief that I have after 35 plus years around this profession, if you’ve only been around for a year 2 or 3.

So we’re all made up of opinions, attitudes and beliefs. There’s four beliefs, belief in the company, and that’s really the leadership of the company. The corporate people, who’s running the program. Belief in the company, it’s important.

Belief in the product or service that you’re marketing. If you would not honestly be using the product or service yourself, then you shouldn’t be marketing it. If you wouldn’t use it as a customer then you shouldn’t be involved in the business.

There’s a lot of people out there just trying to promote stuff, that they would not personally buy. That’s a recipe for disaster.

It’s also a waste of time in this profession. You have to have a belief in the company, the product, Network Marketing and yourself.

The last two of the hardest. There’s some books that will help you on getting understanding of network marketing. I recommend

  • Burke Hedges Who Stole The American Dream.

  • There’s an older book by John Kalench called The Greatest Opportunity In The History Of The World

    There’s some good stuff out there about the profession itself. Then the last is Belief in Yourself! If you want to have a developing belief in yourself as mandatory, it’s mandatory! There’s a lot of good stuff out there. The Network Marketing Magazine has articles on the subject. I know he has featured Dr. Shad Helmstetter What To Say When You Talk To Yourself . I’ve recommended book to thousands of people.

    Because if you don’t believe, you will not take action, and if you don’t take action, success in this profession is impossible.

    So, Belief four Company, Products, Network Marketing and Yourself. When you start, your opinions are going to be going back and forth. If you persist, your opinions will become an attitude. If you persist, that attitude, over time, will become a belief. This is Dale Calvert, I hope that helped you. We’ll talk to you next month on another session for The Network Marketing Magazine.

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