Is it worth having a part time network marketing business? by George Madiou

George-MadiouWith 85% of all Networkers being part time, is it really worth the effort to do your business 5-8 hours per week? The statistics vary, but just a little. 85% of all network marketers are doing their business part time. This begs the question. Is it really worth the time and the effort to work a business 5-8 hours per week? Can I really earn an extra $300-$500/month in my business? Let’s start with you, to find the answer to that question. The answer lies in your motivation, your WHY. You probably, no doubt, have already been told that you need to identify your why. It seems so incredible that a simple thing as to identify your why would be so pivotal in answering the question “is it really worth it?” Even more incredible is that this is the single most common reason why the great majority of part timers (and for that matter the full timers that don’t succeed) fail at the attempt at their network marketing business. NULL

I will go as far as to say, don’t bet on your success if you haven’t identified your why!

Perhaps most Networkers who have not completed this crucial step just don’t know how to do identify their why, they don’t know why it’s so crucial and why the odds of success go way up when this step is given the time, effort and respect that it deserves. If I were to tell you that you had the following chance to succeed in your business, what would you do?

chance of succeeding time devoted to identifying your WHY
2% 20% 50% 75% 95% 0 hours 1-2 hours 3-10 hours 10-30 hours 30 hours and making it an on going process

If you knew that you could increase your odds of winning by just investing a relatively small amount of time exploring YOU, and why you are doing your business, would you do it?

Why is this simple task so critical? The answer lies in motivation.

We will not sustain any activity that, we don’t know why we are doing it and why we are motivated to do it.

Oh sure, we all can start a task and even fake it for a little while, but to sustain it for an on-going win, it wouldn’t happen without knowing really why we’re doing it. If you don’t know why you’re doing this task and motivated to continue it to it’s successful completion, you wouldn’t succeed. Let me give you an example with a story. You enter a building and you come to a brick wall. You are told that your task is to get through that brick wall. You have nothing with you, to accomplish this, but you give it a shot. You bang on it with your fist, you might even push on it, and nothing happens. You quickly stop. You now are told on the other side of the wall, the room is on fire and there are two people in there. You now try harder maybe even much harder. You know why you are attempting this and you are motivated. But alas you stop. You are given one last bit of information and that is the two people that are in the room on the other side of the brick wall are your two children! You not only know why you are willing to attempt this seemingly imposable task you are at the height of the motivation scale. There is nothing that anyone can say to you to stop you from getting through that wall.

You will fully go after the task because you have clearly identified your WHY and you are totally MOTIVATED.

That explains identifying your why and getting in touch with your degree of motivation. The more time you spend exploring these two factors of your why and your degree of motivation, the more you will develop a clear and specific picture of what you want to accomplish by being involved in your business. The time you spend with yourself is one of the most overlooked and often-neglected activity most people engage in. People think they just don’t have time for that. The secret is, the more time you tap into this activity, the more time you create for yourself. This happens because you are actually doing what is truly important to you, in the long run, rather than doing all the urgent and critical activities that come up that always seem to take care of other people’s end results and needs. The more time you devote to really exploring what turns you on and motivates you, the more you will do it, and not allow other things to crowd out what is important to you. When that happens, you get results. And when you get results you start to enjoy the fruits of success! This happens even if you are pursuing your business on a part time basis! Review the time vs. success chart above and determine how important it is for you to succeed in your business. Dedicate an hour a day just for this for the next 30 days and watch the focus of you business take the priority it deserves in your life. How do you start doing this? Just start! Go for a walk, sit in a quiet place or just close your eyes and start by answering the question, “if there was no chance at failing and I could accomplish anything I want, what would that be?” Keep that conversation going with yourself and keep asking yourself why, what does that look like and be specific. Painfully specific, see it, smell it, feel it, get to your White Moment. That’s the moment in your mind and in your heart, that the thought of your why will take your breath away and you can’t believe this is your life. NOW you’re getting there. That’s why this doesn’t take just an hour!

When you know your White Moment and you pursue it, your life and the lives of your family will change forever.

The reason why doing this activity is so crucial and why the odds go way up when this step is given the time, effort and respect that it deserves is all about YOU and your family. You deserve it! And I know this for a fact because you wouldn’t be reading this last paragraph of this last article in this issue of, if you didn’t desire something better for you and that family of yours. Go for it! Peruse your dreams and… Aim high! George Madiou


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