Are Home Parties Still Worth It? Still Necessary? by Kathleen Deggelman

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Kathleen_DeggelmanAre Home Parties Still Worth It? Still Necessary? YES!

I have 8 plus years experience in the industry and have some thoughts about this. With the age of the internet tools we have available today and all the ways there are to connect with social media, I am hearing more and more often that home parties aren’t worth it. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the tools we have available on the internet and I have sponsored over 70 people in the last year from social media connections. And I also love hosting and attending home parties

Home parties are still a GREAT TOOL in the tool box for network marketing.

You might hear an internet marketer say you can build your network marketing business all online. And you can, but will YOU? Building ALL online is done successfully by very few people. And if you talk to almost every 6 figure and 7 figure income earner that exists today, we will tell you that our success comes from a combination of offline (one on ones, home parties, events) and online (facebook, webinars, linked in…).

There are many top earners today that have achieved their success strictly through offline activities, but the world has changed and we do have these incredible online tools available and it does make sense to learn these new skills. I am just saying don’t throw a proven technique out because it seems old school.

Why are Home Parties still effective?

House Party Welcome

I believe Home Parties/Home Business Reviews are still very effective especially when you are just getting your business started and/or you want to jumpstart your business. And this is true for most of your team too. Social media is just a way to connect with people, often we still need to pick up the phone and talk to someone if it is someone we are really going to build a partnership with.

One of the biggest reasons people stay in their network marketing business is because of the community we create and home parties are one of the very best ways to stay in touch, to be in community and to get to know your team and prospects.

It is very hard to create online what happens at a home party.

Would you like to learn more about the why and how to’s about Home Parties?

Then watch my Youtube video and follow my channel for more tips!

I look forward to connecting with you. And remember if you feel yourself resisting that you need this, it may be exactly what you need. Our biggest resistance is our biggest paycheck. I will give you tips on when to host a home party and how to host it – believe me there are lots of ways to make the home business review the most effective tool you can offer for you and your team.

It’s time to live your dreams!

Kathleen Deggelman


Kathleen Deggelman
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