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DaleCalvertFrom time to time I hear someone comment “You can’t get people to attend opportunity meetings anymore”. My response is always the same, that is because you have a boring meeting (given by boring presenters) or the wrong people. Listen, people are attending night school in every major city in the United States. Why? Because they have hope of obtaining a better JOB! So the people are out there, they are looking for a vehicle that can improve their financial future. If they are not attending opportunity meetings it is because over the past few years they have sat through far too many boring presentations and don’t care to do so again.

There are 5 Levels of Communication.

 NULL It doesn’t matter if you are giving a presentation in front of a crowd, in a hotel, or one on one in a coffee shop, the 5 levels of communication are applicable all the time, everyday in every situation where humans speak with each other. Level One: SMALL TALK How are you, Hello, Good day, Good morning, etc. The phrases all of us use every day in conversation. This is the lowest level of communication possible. Level Two: RE-STATING FACTS This is where we talk about current issues in the news or current events; the popular movie that is out, etc. This conversation basically centers on and around current events. Level Three: I BELIEVE STATEMENT In my opinion this is the beginning of meaningful conversation. This is when you actually go out on a limb if you will, and actually communicate an opinion. Let me try to make this clearer, have you ever met somebody for the first time that makes a statement that you totally disagree with? How does that make you feel compared to a close friend or relative making a statement you disagree with during a conversation? If it is a close friend or relative you will disagree, even argue with, right? However when it is a person you meet for the first time, or someone you don’t know very well, we are more hesitant to disagree when they make an “I believe” statement. As long as the conversation stays at levels one and two, small talk and re-stating facts, everyone is comfortable.

I BELIEVE STATEMENTS cause people to “think” and can create controversy or disagreement.

Level Four: CONVICTION Communicating with conviction is something that very few people do in a business environment. Put these people in front of their teenage kids who have upset them, and these same people will let the CONVICTION rip, however they seldom communicate at this level in a business environment. People who learn how to lay it on the line and communicate with conviction are far more effective than those who don’t Level Five: CONVICTION with EMOTION This is the ultimate level of communication. This is when you know what you know and you aren’t afraid to shout it. People are naturally drawn to people that communicate at level 5. Think about this, would you rather listen to a preacher communicating at Level 5 or one who is simply re-stating facts, talking down to you from level 2? Do you see the difference? More importantly do you feel the difference? The problem today is that about 80% of business presentations in front of groups and one on one are communicated at Level 2, RE-STATING FACTS!

All effective presentations are communicated at Level 4 & 5, with level 5 being the highest level of communication, conviction with emotion. When people BELIEVE what they are communicating we feel that and we also respect it, even if we disagree with their belief.

If you want to attract people to you, your products and your opportunity, LEARN TO COMMUNICATE AT LEVEL 5! A QUICK WORD OR WARNING, effective communication must be heart felt. The only thing worse than listening to a presenter who communicates at Level 2 is someone who is “Trying to Be Excited”. Find a product, service and company you can sincerely communicate at Level 5 about and you are on your way to success! Let it RIP! Set yourself on Fire and people will come to watch you burn!


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