The Incredible Impact of a Smile by Jeff Keller

Jeff KellerLet’s see how your smile changes business and life!  It can improve your health and make you feel better. It helps you establish rapport with other people. It makes you more persuasive. And yet it doesn’t cost anything. What is it that I am referring to?

It’s a smile.

Rarely do we give much thought to how often we smile. Even those of us who are fairly positive may walk around with a frown on our face more often than we’d like to think. This reminds me of an interview I did with the host of an early morning radio show that aired in Providence, Rhode Island. The host of the program, Dan Maddux, related a story about a man he encountered who had a scowl on his face. Dan asked the gentleman how he was feeling.  NULL “I’m fine,” replied the man. “Then why don’t you tell that to your face!” said Dan. How about you – do you frequently smile?

You’ll notice that when you smile, you feel better physiologically.

Go ahead and smile right now. Stretch the corners of your mouth wide. I’ll bet you got a warm feeling inside your body, especially in the chest and stomach area, just by smiling. Furthermore, it’s almost impossible to stay angry or annoyed while you’re smiling. Isn’t it incredible that you can get so much from a simple smile? There are many benefits that come from smiling. You’ll find that you interact better with other people. First of all, when you smile, other people tend to smile right back. They mirror your facial expression. In addition, people will look forward to speaking with you, and they’ll be more inclined to assist you when you have a smile on your face. I’ve come to learn first-hand the benefits of smiling when it comes to communication. If you do any public speaking, you’ll notice that people listen more attentively when the speaker is smiling. When you have a frown or a serious look most of the time, the audience does not listen as carefully. They don’t feel comfortable being in the room with you. The same holds true for one-on-one communication. When you smile, the other person tends to be more receptive and interested. He or she feels more at ease. Think about it. Do you prefer being with someone who is smiling – or with someone who has a frown? You have to admit that you feel much better being with the person who is smiling. One final point: you’ll be much more effective on the telephone if you have a smile on your face while talking and listening. The person on the other line can feel and hear the difference in your voice. There’s a warmth and friendliness that comes across when you’re smiling. Of course, you must be sincere when you smile. You don’t have to show off every one of your teeth or look goofy. Just a natural smile.

This month, pay constant attention to your facial expression.

Whenever you think about it, just practice smiling. If you’re on line in a store, smile. When you pass co-workers in the hall, smile. When you’re sitting by yourself, or talking on the phone – you guessed it, smile! If you develop the habit of smiling often, you’re going to feel a lot better, be more optimistic and gain the cooperation of others. It’s a habit that will serve you well for the rest of your life. Jeff Keller


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