Collaboration Separates You From Your Competition by Jim Bellacera

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JimBellaceraThere is no question if you want to create a broader client base and increase your income there are 3 proven ways to do it.

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There is no question if you want to create a broader client base and increase your income there are 3 proven ways to do it.

1. Pound the pavement and the phones, but it takes a massive amount of time to qualify your leads through this process. There is only limited ability to create a true impression of your desire to serve them.

2. Networking at live events squeezing time away from your office and the phone but yet face-to-face impressions offers so much in the way of fostering a comforting relationship that can lead to sales and referrals. The real question when attending live mixers is; whom can I make a real connection with, which ones qualify for my time? Most importantly which people have a large sphere of influence if you are going to spend time with them so you have a better chance at referrals?

3. Advertisement, but where to put your money to get the best results or any results for that matter. Do you use print advertisement, mailers, TV, radio, pay per click, social media which one or do you use all of them? And what about the costs? Everyone is selling me on why you should use their method to market my service or product.

What if there was a way to get the best of all worlds without the expense of traditional methods to only find potential customers? What if you could target your audience, sell them on you, and then sell them on selling you to their contact base kind of like the gift that keeps on giving. What if it didn’t cost you any money for advertisement, no membership fees, really, no out lay of cash to find those perfect clients, in fact what if they came to you, or, you had an open door policy to introduce yourself?

Finally there is a way to increase your success through targeting an audience with whom you will want to do business with while collaborating referrals not to mention you don’t have to work as hard at it as you use to.

So here is the ultimate question “How can I find something that will allow me this option?”

Since the advent of networking face to face with organizations like Chamber of Commerce, BNI, Toastmasters, Lyons, LeTip, Leads clubs and other great organizations there has never been any platform that supplied all the tools and indicators, before attending a meeting, while you are there and after you leave to identify and target who you should be doing business and collaborating with to maximize your efficiency and increase your income.

With the overwhelming tide of competition on the internet the pendulum has come back to making what was old new again, “Networking, connecting, building relationships, trust and loyalty”.

There is no better resource for leads than referrals and there is no better contact than someone introducing you to someone else.

Successful Thinkers Network Inc. (STN) a Free Networking platform found in your local community and online provides the first of its kind tools to introduce you to people you should be doing business with and professionals that if you developed the know, like and trust could be an endless source of leads through their contact list that they have already developed the trust with.

Successful Thinkers Network provides many tools to help you target your contacts by location 10, 25, 50, 100 or any miles from your home or office. They have the only Power Partner tool of its kind that the moment you tell us your profession it auto fills other professions that would be an amazing fit for you to contact at local meetings, within driving distance or anywhere on the planet. There are many tools available for FREE to all STN members.

To learn more about the Power Partner Program through Successful Thinkers please visit this link.

Click here to see a live screen capture of how the Power partner program works

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