Expect Miracles: My intentions – my why by Mary K Weinhagen

Mary K WeinhagenNetwork marketing flows in tandem as a natural fit in moving me toward the person I intend to BECOME When a new year begins, many people make resolutions. I learned long ago that a gentler, yet very powerful ritual is to write down my intentions for the year. As I was considering why I choose to build a network marketing business I decided not only to re-visit my ‘New Years’ ‘list’, I decided to share it with you. You see… one of the benefits of taking the time to get clear about ‘what I intend’ for the coming year is that it keeps me on track with all the choices I make. It helps me remember ‘why’ I do anything… and everything.

That’s valuable because the best use of my day is to fill it with thoughts, feelings, and activities that move me in the direction of what/who I intend to become.

 NULL I’ve discovered that network marketing provides me a multitude of opportunities to grow and avenues to express that growth because this year I intend… …To express love, real love! The kind of love that doesn’t announce itself in flashy circumstances or structured conditions – but an authentic, quiet, internal love The kind of love that bubbles to the surface when I gaze at another with understanding, a love that places me in their shoes, granting freedom from judgment and deepening my compassion. A philanthropic love that expresses because it simply feels compelled to, because it knows there is more than enough and everyone can benefit. I intend to be and do better in my authentic loving.

…to forgive, really forgive.

The kind of forgiveness that cracks open my heart, peeling away one more layer of righteous indignation, thus allowing my soul to breathe. The kind of forgiveness that loosens my clenched fists held high at a situation so that I don’t enter into the next one with guarded mistrust. The kind of forgiveness that comprehends there is a difference between understanding a behavioral choice and condoning it. The kind of forgiveness that brings me round to truly understanding there is nothing to forgive. …to stop and open myself, really stop and open.

The kind of stopping that can’t help but make me vulnerable by becoming more familiar with who I am without distraction, smoke screens, excuses or self-imposed numbing. The kind of stopping that turns me, naked, towards my feelings, giving them permission to express. No right or wrong – a stopping that simply lets me hear what I need to hear so that I can live more effectively. I intend to be and do better in allowing myself to stop.

…to seek adventure, real adventure.

The kind of adventure that requires me to not only take a leap of faith off my cliff of familiarity but actually sends me back to get a running start. The kind of adventure that shakes the dust off my capable but underused wings and gives them an opportunity to catch the gorgeous wind of change. The kind of adventure that knows there is no outside safety net in this physical world, only an internal one. The kind of adventure that shouts, “I choose to live fully!” I intend to be and do better in seeking adventure. …to experience wellness, real wellness. The kind of wellness that requires me to be fully conscious of what I put in my body – the kind of wellness that requires me to practice what I preach when it comes to self-love while understanding that the power to dissolve poor habits starts by simply choosing to change. Wellness that says, “This is the only body you’ve got. Treat me with respect, praise me daily and honor me as the holy temple that I am”. I intend to be and do better in allowing wellness in my life.

…to play, really play.

The kind of play that gives value to the heavenly activity of fun – knowing that fun is sacred, that play is the equivalent of work and that during play – renewal and relaxation usher in the newest ideas and the clearest choices for better manifestations. To share play as a necessary life function and not a debatable luxury. I intend to be and do better in my relationship to playing. …to set a goal and see it to completion this year, really complete it. The kind of completion that lets the vibration of satisfaction and confidence in my abilities heal any opposing ideas of not being good enough. I intend to honor my life and its sacred purpose by utilizing my time with forward thinking and letting my mistakes be motivators not antagonists. I dissolve my insecurities and procrastination by understanding that my untapped genius has but one mode of expression and that is through idea, thought, word and action. I intend to be and do better in setting and completing my goals.

…to open myself up to learn, really learn.

The kind of learning that entices me to enroll in being a student of life with thirst and enthusiasm. I set an intention for uncovering more of my potential, letting divine intellect eat from my plate and stepping deeper into the waters of wisdom. I intend to open a book, take a class, study a language, learn an instrument, write a poem, visit another culture. It’s my intention to learn to surprise and thrill myself with the infinite capacity I have to master more than I thought I could. I intend to be and do better on my personal path of learning. …to clean up my relationships, really clean them up. The kind of cleaning that requires me to break open the lock, pull back the curtain, throw open the window and start removing the dust of harsh words, grudges, false accusations and misguided choices that have layered my heart. I will make amends for the fearful ways that disheartened another, for neglecting to honor their point of view. With careful examination, I communicate my truth, understanding that sometimes all we may be able to do is agree to disagree and to do so without judgment or malice. I intend to be and do better on cleaning up my relationships, and entering into new ones with greater clarity and authenticity.

…to share my good, really share.

The kind of sharing that comes from the pure joy of seeing another succeed, not from what I think they can or will do for me in return. I intend to practice random acts of kindness and give of my time, talent, and treasure realizing that my good is a part of a never-ending wellspring that cannot run dry – whose source is and always will be the infinite wellspring of the Divine. I commit to walking the path of Joy, remembering that every step brings healing and enlightenment to the world. I intend to be and do better in my sharing. …to pray, really pray. The kind of prayer that is spoken not to God but AS God – prayers that affirm rather than beseech, are pregnant with knowing rather than bloated with doubt. I intend to make my every day activities a prayer – realizing that every thought I think carries with it the responsibility of an effect on the world. I remember how truly powerful my own prayer actually is and that by simply devoting myself to the practice of it, I become the change. I remember that my prayer takes what I seek and introduces it to me, the seeker. I intend to be and do better with praying.

…to listen, really listen, to the promptings of the Universe…from any and all sources.

The kind of listening that moves me past my mind’s chatter and into a deeper understanding of All That Is. I intend to be and do better with listening. I thank Rev. David Ault for the inspiration of these words and the rockets of desire ignited and shooting toward the realization of all I intend. I’m forever grateful for the network marketing industry. It so brilliantly provides the perfect playing field, one that not only allows me, but actually encourages me, to step up and into all that I intend. That’s my why – humbly submitted – with a bold request from the bottom of my heart – Please share yours! You can send it to me at MaryK@TheNetworkMarketingMagazine.com And let me know if I have permission to share yours in a
future column! 😉 Namaste, Mary K ¸..• ´¨¨)) -:¦:- ¸.•´ .•´¨¨)) ((¸¸.•´ ..•´ -:¦:- -:¦:- ((¸¸.•´* Light EXPECT MIRACLES!


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