The business of the business…Why am I doing this business? by George Madiou

George-MadiouYour Why will lead you to your success. Knowing and understanding your Why has the potential to lead you in the direction of a more successful business. My Why! The question came up, “do you know anyone that doesn’t have an issue that they are dealing with in their life?” Wow, when I heard that I started to run that question like a filter through MY life. Boy I have plenty of issues that I’m dealing with in my life, family, business, time issues, no I didn’t qualify for one of those people that didn’t have any issues. As the days and weeks went by, I thought of that question over and over again.

“Do you know anyone that doesn’t have an issue that they are dealing with in their life?”

I couldn’t think of a single person that could say to me “I’m that person, I’m that person— I’m not dealing with a single issue!” I started to ask people that I came in contact with, “Do you know anyone that doesn’t have an issue that they are dealing with in their life?” Most often I got a little chuckle.  NULL When I asked why they chuckled they would tell me the same thing over and over again, “it’s not me!” You see they used that question as a filter to examine them. They then thought about others that were close to them. NO ONE! No one was free of issues! What in the world does this have to do with your WHY? Plenty! Think about it, if your plate is filled to overflowing and you can’t even think about putting another thing on it, how do you think you will ever be able to do your business, let alone achieve any degree of success?

It’s only when you have a clear and compelling WHY, that your business will fit on your full plate to be a part of the solution to overcome your “issues”.

Think about that. If your issues are greater than your desires, or your WHY, you will never succeed in your business. It is only when that Why is big enough to push some of those issues off your plate, will you experience some incredible success. Your success will continue to grow as that why becomes bigger and more vivid to you. Now as you come to understand this, as a leader,

How successful can your downline be, when YOU clearly know the WHY’s of your people?

If you first understand that your downline all have issues and their plates are overflowing, doesn’t it make sense that once you understand their individual issues (not to pry into their private lives, but to understand them) you will encounter their deep down WHY? They might not even understand this process. They might be running on their own personal gerbil wheel, and they might not even be able to determine the dynamics that is taking place. They some how got a glimpse of hope of what their business represented, but they have no idea how their business can alleviate some of their issues and bring them to their ultimate WHY. The bottom line is making sure that you fully know YOUR WHY and keep on developing that, and for the sake of your downline help them get in touch with and develop their WHY.

When you do this WHY exercise with you and your people, watch your business grow and watch your issues start to take on an all-new dimension.

Aim high! George Madiou


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George Madiou
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