The importance of high self-esteem to your network marketing success. by Dr. Joe Rubino

Joe_RubinoOur networking businesses will grow in direct proportion to both our personal growth (as we increase our attractiveness as a business partner to others) and the level of massive, consistent action we engage in as we build our teams. Lack of self-esteem is by far the most severe problem we face as a society today. Most children and adults suffer from feelings of diminished self-worth and manifest the results of these feelings in countless ways that decrease the quality of their lives and the lives of those around them.

Low self-image is the source of disharmony among people everywhere. It is most often the underlying cause of scarcity, suffering, and struggles of all kinds, conflicts and even wars throughout the world.

 NULL And, in network marketing, it is the biggest reason why people have little success to show for their efforts. It is at the core of why many fail to prospect and follow up others daily and are unable to powerfully enroll them into their opportunity. Low self-esteem is at the root of why so many can not handle the rejection, taking it personally when those they prospect are not interested, causing them to eventually give up and quit on their dreams to achieve a life-changing income. Low self-esteem most often leads to a return to a life of resignation, settling for a dimmed existence and trading in any possibility of a financially-free life of choice, free of regrets. Most of us did not receive the skillful parenting and early childhood experiences that were necessary to nurture our sense of self-worth. We failed to realize our inherent magnificence and as a result, we often settled for less than we deserved. We may have worried about our futures, too often acted from the negative emotions of anger, sadness, or fear, or damaged our relationships with others. An inadequate self-image may have resulted in life pursuits that neither supported our happiness nor made the most of our special gifts. As I see it, network marketing offers each of us the opportunity to take on the potentially life-changing gift of personal development, step into our personal magnificence, and offer this same blessing to those who decide to join us in this great profession. For this reason, I’ve chosen to write briefly about how we can each maximize our own levels of self-esteem and enhance our belief in our ability to bring about our ultimate success. At the same time…

We have the power to champion all those we work in partnership with, sourcing their feelings of self-worth, and thereby significantly increasing the probability that they will achieve success in this business as well.

Let’s now examine some behaviors and attitudes that will contribute to a soaring self-image and to success in a network marketing business. Create a Vision for Your Life that Honors Your Most Important Values Our minds cannot tell the difference between actual reality and experiences that are vividly imagined. This is the reason that we laugh, cry, or scream at funny, sad, or scary movies. We get what we clearly envision and expect. We can take advantage of this ability to tap into what we want and expect to experience through our network marketing businesses by creating a vivid, written vision that inspires and empowers us and others to do what it takes to realize the vision. I invite you to give up your right to invalidate yourself by keeping any of your negative expectations in place. Instead, create a vision that is filled with positive expectations for what your life will be like as a result of your network marketing success. This vision must honor your most important values. Perhaps these might include any of the following: freedom, adventure, belonging, creativity, contribution, love, excitement, happiness, peace, joy, recognition, security, and inspiration just to name a few. Include in your vision the answers to the following questions: 1. What will you be known for, what qualities will you embody, and what values will you honor as you live your life and work your business? 2. What sort of activities will you typically do? What will a customary day at work look like? How will you spend your free time? What passions and hobbies will you pursue? 3. What will you have as a result of who you are being and because of your successful efforts? Where will you live and with whom? Describe in detail your house, cars, and all toys and material possessions with which you’ll surround yourself.

Remember, any vision that is about only you will not inspire others to join you in its accomplishment or inspire them to create visions of their own.

4. Who are the people and special causes to which you’ll contribute? How will you impact the lives of your family, friends, and network marketing partners? 5. Picture yourself building your business successfully. What will your organization look like? How will others see you? For what accomplishments will you be recognized? Picture yourself interacting with others in a way that reflects your high self-esteem and the rich relationships you have established. Write out your vision in first person, present tense to describe every aspect of your life and business. Say, “I am experiencing material abundance and rich rewarding friendships” rather than “I will experience” or “I hope to experience…” Remember, we get what we expect. So, if you expect that you will (but are not now) experiencing or hope to achieve (but are not now achieving), your mind will manifest a reality consistent with these images of lacking what you want. Read your vision at least twice daily. After doing so for at least thirty days, your subconscious will begin to create a physical and mental state consistent with what is needed to manifest your vision. Create an Action Plan Consistent with Your Vision Network marketing has the potential to provide each of us with the level of income that can free us up to pursue our passions and honor our most critical values. Ask yourself, how much income will it take for me to realize all aspects of my vision? Who will I need to be and what will I need to do to make my vision come to pass?

Determine how many leaders you will need to develop and duplicate to achieve the income level you desire.

From there, determine what your success ratios are: how many prospects will you need to speak with in order to identify and develop this many leaders? For example, if you know that you’ll typically need to speak with one hundred prospects to identify one do-whatever-it-takes leader, and your goal is to identify one new leader each month, you may need to speak with five prospects daily, five days per week in order to hit your desired numbers of one leader for every one hundred conversations. As part of your plan, you’ll also need to determine where and how you’ll find your prospects, what you’ll say and give them, and to whom and how you’ll introduce them as a next step. Manage negative self-talk and act from your newly invented declaration of who you are rather than Any disempowering opinions you may have formulated about Why You Can’t Achieve the Success You Desire We all experience that nasty, negative, doubting voice of our negative self-talker whispering in our ear from time to time. The trouble begins when we forget that the voice is not speaking the truth and buy into those lies. This negative self-talk serves only to keep us from risking, preferring that we play small instead, in an effort to protect us from harm— otherwise known as rejection and what we interpret as failure. I suggest that you decide today to live by two new rules designed to support your belief in yourself and in your ultimate success as a network marketing leader. They are: 1. Give up your right to invalidate yourself or buy into any negative opinions you or others may have about you. 2. Decide today to act from a declaration of who you say you are. N
o evidence for this new, empowering declaration is required. In fact, you’ll now be creating new positive evidence as you go.

Take all of the qualities you have decided to manifest in your life and business and craft a new declaration that speaks to who you are now deciding to be as a powerful leader.

Use this as a statement from which to live. State your empowered declaration, like your vision, in the first person, present tense.


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