Secrets of Financial Freedom by George Madiou

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George-MadiouIn a survey done with network marketers being asked why they have gotten involved in this industry, the number one reason was Financial Freedom. Financial freedom means many things to many people. To a doctor it might mean a high six or seven figure income. To a young couple it might mean an extra $400 a month. The one thing that ties these two together is the “secrets” or the strategies can be very similar.

There are 3 starting steps to secure Financial Freedom:

1. Pursue your dream.

I speak to many young people who are concerned with their future. Some of these people are entering into college and some are recent graduates. Many of them are searching for a career or a job where they can make a lot of money. This strategy is putting the cart before the horse. Years ago, a student could look forward to having a career that ended with 5 different companies they worked for. Today, a person can expect to end their working involvement having experienced 5 different careers!

So what would this teach us? It is a futile effort trying to guess the correct path to take based upon desire for income. The cart before the horse example is just that. The horse before the cart is found in pursuing your dreams. Why?

When you pursue your dreams you put yourself in a position to first LOVE what you are doing. It doesn’t matter what you are being paid, you are just putting in valuable time on your passion. Doing this set’s you up to be the best you can be in your passion.

2. Become the best you can be.

When you are pursuing your passion, it becomes an effortless joy to be better and better at your dream.

Your competition, others that are working with you or who are employed in similar positions, that are not as passionate as you about your dream, will not have your advantage.

Getting to the top of your profession is a matter of learning as much as you can about your dream by reading, taking courses, listening to audios from experts, searching on YouTube everything you can find about your dream and do, do, do or as NIKE put’s it JUST DO IT!

There is one other way you can become the best you can be, partner up with the best.

3. Partner up with people that can help you and those who you can help.

Years ago I was in the Swimming Pool Industry. I loved it! During summer vacations from New York University I went to Florida and fell in love with the year round warm weather and the tropical experience. I got a job mowing lawns and my last summer I learned how to clean pools. I loved it so much that when I returned to finish my degree at NYU people would tell me that they were going on to careers at IBM and American Airlines and other fortune 500 companies. When they asked me what I was going to do after graduation, I said that I was moving to Florida and cleaning pools!

I wasn’t kidding, I didn’t even wait for graduation, I told them to mail my diploma to Florida! When I got there I took a job with the largest pool company in Boca Raton for minimum wage to learn as much as I could possibly learn. I picked the brain of the guy that was training me and then I did the same with my supervisor. Within 90 days I was given the best route in the company and was picking the owner’s brain. As time went on I found that these people that were training me couldn’t answer the questions that I had and I started to pick the brains of our suppliers. I eventually started my own pool company that became one of the largest in the state of Florida and I started teaching courses in the local college for pool professionals that wanted to really learn their profession.

Years later after I sold my swimming pool company I learned about network marketing. I saw the freedom MLM had to offer and that there was no ceiling on where you could go in this international business. I worked in the field and then as a leader but always partnering up with others that I could learn from. The learning came from my upline, downline other leaders and trainers.

This was an industry that had a lot of resources that were willing to give as long as you were willing to learn.

I eventually teamed up with one of the industry’s legends, John Milton Fogg to help people in the industry learn their profession. That project was

I tell you these two stories as an example that you too can team up with people to grow your competence and confidence, JUST DO IT!

Three starting steps to secure Financial Freedom, pursue your dream and become the best you can be and partner up with people that can help you and who you can help. Oh and one last thing, JUST DO IT!

George Madiou
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