Are your computer, valuable information and all other electronic devices protected from power problems? by Mark Brilliant

Mark BrilliantA little protection can help your computer system survive the storm – even when you’re left sitting in the dark! As I’ve said previously, in today’s Information Age, you already recognize the value of your computers, associated electronics and your data.

So, protecting your investment – must be a very high priority.

Thunderstorms, lightning strikes, spikes, power surges, power sags (all of which can cause damage to sensitive equipment, executable programs and data files), brownouts (decreases in voltage levels that cause your computer to lock up or crash), and blackouts (cause ugly shutdowns that wipe out all your work in progress, and possibly damage your hard drive) are all bad news for your computer. A second is all it takes for some computers to lose the power necessary to keep running. During this energy ‘dip’ the computer may shut down and restart.  NULL When this happens, the computer’s RAM resets and all of the information on the chip, including the files that were open at the time of the shutdown, are erased. In addition, the initial surge of power may build a charge that can damage the delicate components within the computer chips, disabling the computer.

In fact, research shows that half of all computer problems are directly related to power-line problems. The good news? It’s not too difficult (or expensive) to protect your equipment from most power problems – by using a Surge Protector or Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), also known as Battery Backup.

The cost to repair the equipment, in lost money and lost productivity, can be very, very high. That’s why we recommend:

  1. Save all open files and shut down nonessential systems during thunderstorms and other potential outages.
  2. A Surge Protector or Battery Backup as protection for all your valuable electronics that are critical to your business or home such as: Personal Computers/Workstations, Printers, Phones, Fax Machines, Answering Machines, Entertainment Systems, and even Notebook Batteries.

Surge Protectors vs. Battery Backups What does a Battery Backup do that a Surge Protector doesn’t. In short, a good Surge Protector will ward against power spikes and surges, but a good Battery Backup forms your best defense against power sags, spikes and surges – and your only protection against blackouts. In addition, a Battery Backup offers extra features that protect your data as well as your equipment, including:

  • A constant, continuous power supply to even out electrical fluctuations
  • Auto shutdown software to automatically save files and close and threaten your computer and electronic equipment applications
  • Data line protection to cover Internet, fax, modem or DSL connections
  • Sufficient battery runtime to let you finish what you were doing

Here are some key factors to look for when comparing Battery Backup models:

  • VA rating and watts
  • How much equipment can be plugged into the Battery Backup
  • Battery runtime
  • How many minutes your equipment will be supported
  • Number of outlets – all Battery Backup outlets have surge protection, but typically only a portion have full Battery Backup on top of that
  • Safe shutdown software – which monitors the computer system, and will save files and shut down the computer should the battery power drop to minimal levels during a power outage

So, remember, don’t take a chance with your valuable equipment and data. A little protection can help your computer system survive the storm – even when you’re left sitting in the dark!


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