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Meet the Packard brothers… Jeff, 29 and Adam at 27 have been with Send Out Cards a little over a year – and each of them are building large teams. Having consistently remained on the ‘Top 5 Coaches’ list they are young men who are changing lives… and clearly doing something right! Network Marketing – The Best Way for a Young Entrepreneur to Have Their Own Business! We grew up in an entrepreneurial family. Our father, Jim, started his own company with $500 and grew it to $13 million. Even after watching him do this – I followed my passion – golf – and became a professional. After working in the golf profession for a few years, as a teaching professional and assistant at courses in Colorado – I came to a quick realization. I was working long hours, making very little money, and not playing any golf!

I decided that instead of working at the course, I was going to be a member at a course. It was then that I took the entrepreneurial path.

 NULL At age 24, I moved from Denver to Scottsdale, Arizona – to work with my brother Jeff on the road with Sales Trainer and Motivational Speaker Tom Hopkins. It was a great opportunity to learn from great people, and it gave me time to start a business on the side. I only work with Tom when we are on the road; I have no office time – so that really gave me a great opportunity to start my own venture. At first, I got my real estate license and sold real estate. That was difficult as I found myself faxing contracts back and forth between hotels I was traveling to. I did not enjoy it – and it was TOO time consuming! Next, I started option trading and day trading – and then selling the courses that I had taken. I really enjoyed that – but it didn’t offer the TIME flexibility that I wanted. I HAD to be there from 7-3 every day to trade the market. I really enjoyed it, but it did not free up my time. Next, as a family, we started to sell greeting cards. We had our own line of cards – one line that we would sell to local gift shops and flower shops (cold calling trying to sell greeting cards – not easy!) – and a second line of cards designed for business people.

I enjoyed the time freedom, but there was not much residual income. Although my father, brother, and I were working together, there was something else missing.

A friend of a friend introduced us to Jordan Adler – who was the top income earner in a new network marketing company – selling greeting cards of all things! My father and brother immediately took off with the opportunity – because the product was so great. I however, was reluctant – because I didn’t want to be actively building a network marketing business. But, the more I thought about it – the more it made sense.

It is the perfect business model. It gives you flexibility, time freedom, unlimited financial rewards, residual income, and the ability to help other people do the same.

Once I “got it” – I jumped in with both feet and haven’t looked back. I truly believe that there is no better way for a young entrepreneur to get started building a business of their own. I only wish I would have gotten started at a younger age. I have been in network marketing for a little more than a year – and have built a pretty good size group. More importantly, I am having fun – and each day I am building on successes of the previous day. I have learned that you can’t rest in this business – you have to keep going and keep your eyes on your goals. My father always made us do one thing each year – write our goals. We have continued to do that and I believe that has allowed us to get a fast start.

Not only is this a great business model – it rewards those who work the hardest.

Everyone starts on the same level – and this is a business that literally anyone can do. Where else can you make an unlimited income, have all of your time freedom back, create a substantial residual income, and travel the world? I love network marketing and have learned more in the last year than I ever have. I am a serious student, and I would say that being involved in a network marketing company has taken that study to the next level. I’ve always been a reader, reading about a book each week – and I made a commitment to myself that I would never limit myself when it came to purchasing anything that would advance my education – whether it be books, CD’s, seminars – if I could learn something and apply it to my business or life – I considered it a great investment. Network marketing has brought everything into focus for me. My brother and father and I are building a business together – separate downlines – but finally doing something we love together. We are helping other people realize their goals and dreams – and making ours happen as a result.

If I could offer any encouragement or advice to anyone looking at network marketing – it would be – find something you believe in, start as young as possible – and go after it with all you’ve got until you realize your goals.

Can you picture yourself retiring by age 30? With network marketing it is a reality. For anyone already involved in a company – find your reason “why” you are doing it – work on yourself every day, and have fun! This is a marathon – not a sprint – enjoy the process, and reap the rewards. To your success! Adam Packard What does a typical business day look like? I wake up. Make a pot of coffee. Read for about 30-45 minutes. Look at my ‘to do’ tasks (I write down the 6 most important things each morning) I read my “I am” statements and look over my goals for the month. I then start calling people. We live in AZ so I start calling my contacts and distributors on the east coast. I then go to the gym to work out. I try to work out 4 times a week. I know my brother is laughing right now.

We schedule appointments with people so we have things to do everyday pertaining to our business. We invest in ourselves.

We also belong to networking organizations such as BNI. That has been tremendous and I would recommend it to anyone you wishes to take their business to new heights. We also associate ourselves with top producers. Our dad is a top producer and we make it a habit to hang out with Eagles. It makes a difference. We all like similar things. Balance is key, too. We tend not to work 24/7 on our businesses. There are many other facets to living a successful life. God comes first, followed by family then friends. I love what Suzie Orman says, ‘people first, then business.’ I believe you can do all things through Christ which strengthens us. So priorities are key, don’t you agree? Jim Rohn is one of my greatest teachers besides my dad. If you want to see a true champion, interview my dad. He’s the type of person you just feel comfortable around and want to do business with. That’s why he is the top coach in our company.

I wish I could tell you we have some magic formula and provide it to our downline, but we can’t. People must want it for themselves.

It’s like Jim Rohn, when he tried to inspire a group of unmotivated sales people and said he’d do it until it killed him. He then goes on to say, “guess what, I almost died.” Yes, you can inspire people, but by ONLY your actions. You can’t MAKE people do anything. You can lead people by example. It’s up to your people to decide to follow you or not. I love working in the business we are in. I love living the ultimate philosophy described by Zig Ziglar, ‘You can have anything you want in life, if you help enough others get want they want.

The summation of our business is simply to have our team be more successful than we are. When we get this we all win.

To your success, Jeff Packard


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