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DaleCalvertI have learned that you can say anything to anybody as long as you say it with love in your heart for them! Before I start this article I have a confession to make. I am a book, tape, infomercial and seminar junky. I attend every seminar I possibly can that is within a 3 hour drive. I own courses from Don Lapree, Carlton Sheets, John Beck and every other infomercial guru.

All I am looking for is one good idea that I can implement into my existing systems and programs.

In 1990 I realized the impact the Internet was going to make on the marketing world and I invested over $50.000.00 attending Internet Marketing seminars all over the world. Now with that confessed… I had the good fortune to be able to be one of the featured speakers at the Network Marketing Magazines first Super Saturday training that was held in Ft. Lauderdale a couple of weeks ago. It was an awesome event, with a very receptive and eager to learn crowd. Where were you? NULL About six months ago I was on a website Forum of a very popular MLM Training website. I couldn’t believe the ignorance I was reading. There was a group of people bashing generic training seminars. (Some people have all the answers and NO MONEY!) The predominant logic seemed to be, “Our Company has two conferences a year, I attend those and that is all I need.” What? That is like saying I take 1 bath a week and that is all I need. You have to understand…


As Jim Rohn says, the event you miss could have been yours! I can look back over the past 26 years and realize the power, inspiration and focus attending events and seminars has provided me. If I get one good idea, in my opinion it is worth the effort to be there. However there have been 2 distinct events that really did make all the difference for me. I don’t have time in this article to give you all the details, but I really believe that if I hadn’t attended those 2 events, I wouldn’t be writing this article today. I have had the good fortune of seeing hundreds of lives changed at events. Every conference I use to put together with our MLM company we had 1 section that was entitled “National Conference, a Life Changing Event” during this section people would share with the audience how attending a national conference changed their life and put their business on the fast track to success. When you attend a training program with generic speakers, you must understand that the information you get is “purer” than what you will get at a company sponsored event. Think about this. At company sponsored events, you get a “controlled message” you hear and see what the company wants you to hear and see. I am not saying this is bad. However generic trainers will tell you the truth.

You will hear not necessarily what you WANT to hear, but more importantly what you NEED to hear.

Most company conferences supply you with sugar coated trainings. As a generic trainer I know I can pull out all the stops, challenge your thinking and even get in your face with REALITY if I need to. I have one focus and that is to jolt you, make you think, and make quality decisions about your future, your work ethic, and inspire you to pay the price for success! I have learned that you can say anything to anybody as long as you say it with love in your heart for them!

If you have never attended a training event outside of your company, I challenge you to attend a generic seminar and experience the difference.

Am I saying generic seminars are better? No I think you should attend every conference your company makes available, however I do believe that the training and inspiration you get from a generic event is more likely to make an immediate positive impact on your business than the same old sugar coating from most corporate national conferences. If you would like to stay updated on generic Internet Marketing and Network Marketing Seminars in your area, just subscribe to our MLMHelp online newsletter at , we have over 40,000 intelligent marketing professionals that subscribe to this newsletter and we keep our subscribers updated on seminars coming to their area. I look forward to meeting you personally at an upcoming event.


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