Are your lack of marketing and selling skills holding you back from the success you deserve? by Denise Michaels

Denise MichaelsOur conditioning and how we were raised impacts our success and cash flow. When you begin to understand yourself as a woman and a business owner – you will succeed.  Does the thought of marketing your business drive you to chocolate? If “getting the word out” makes you feel overwhelmed, you’re not alone. After coaching over 1,200 men and women in marketing and selling the last five years I’ve discovered big differences between the genders and how we handle the challenges marketing throws at us as small business owners. Women Still Not Taken Seriously in the Business World Did you know women are starting businesses at 2-4 times the rate of men?

Women-owned businesses employ more people than the Fortune 500 combined.

But businesses owned by women are often still not taken seriously. My book, “Testosterone-Free Marketing: The Yin and Yang of Marketing for Women” is about why marketing and sales make many women uneasy and what they can do about it to have more fun, feel more confidence and put more profits in your purse.  NULL

Can’t Relate to “Testosterone-Heavy” Marketing? Many women can’t relate to pushy sales and marketing tactics found in most marketing books, tapes and seminars. Women want to create positive win-win relationships. The rest of our lives are about building connections. We hate being pushy or annoying. So we tend to wait for others to initiate a purchase. This is especially true for women raised to be “a good girl” and not “toot their own horn.” Our conditioning and how we were raised impacts our success and cash flow. Talented Women at the Crossroads of Success One woman I coached has a delightful outgoing personality and a network marketing business. She is an amazing person who used her company’s products and was cured of two chronic, debilitating disease conditions. Susan was comfortable signing up people into her business who she believed would benefit from the products. These people became customers and ordered faithfully. But to create a business that would generate a full-time income she knew she must recruit serious business builders, too. As a stay-at-home mother of four she asked, “Gosh Denise, why would they possibly be interested in working with me?” It was difficult for her to admit, but Susan realized she felt superior, needed and adored with the people she signed up for her opportunity. She even gave the product away sometimes. With business builders she didn’t even feel equal let alone superior or adored. We all have something of value to offer others even if it’s not as easy to see on the surface. Your uniqueness will be the reason people will want to do business with you. Think about why people would want to do business with you.

If you feel inadequate when you compare yourself with others, it’s not a business problem – it’s a self-confidence issue.

Nurturing Women Can Have Abundant Cash Flow, Too Women often bring to their home-based businesses the same nesting, nurturing characteristics as they have at home. They also bring the expertise they have around their products and services. But, marketing and sales is out of their comfort zone. More “product knowledge” will not help you create more cash flow. Marketing and selling skills are necessary to create abundant cash flow even if we do it differently from men. The Secrets of Asking and Receiving in the Business World

Selling is about asking for what you want.

In personal relationships its often wise to wait for others to call you, in business it’s not. We can’t wait for customers to approach us the same way we waited for the cute boy who sat next to us in high school History class to call for a date. Hints and inferences won’t do the job. Yet, I’ve talked with countless women business owners who do this. You must ask clearly for what you want and feel good about doing it. My book, “Testosterone-Free Marketing’ teaches women how to ask so it’s painless and profitable.

Business comes to you, when you let the world know you are here, you are competent and you are ready.

Gaining Tools to Succeed in Your Business Your Way The network marketing industry is dominated by women who are eager to achieve and grow. When you begin to understand yourself as a woman and a business owner and have workable strategies that let you relax and be yourself as a woman rather than act in ways that feel like a man – you will succeed. Discover these keys to you. Your cash flow will soar and your self-confidence will grow, too.


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