The power of generation Y by Jerry Clark

Jerry ClarkNot only are many of them Aware, Hungry, Entrepreneurial, and Dedicated… But many of them are also Vibrant, Focused, Resilient, and Teachable The youth have always been a part of our Industry… However, in the 21st Century, they are joining Network Marketing by leaps and bounds. For those savvy Network Marketers who understand the power of Demographic Trends, you will surely position yourself to capitalize off the Power of Generation Y. Here are some of the Reasons I believe that our Industry is attracting such an abundance of Youth:

They are more Aware: Yes, I believe that the youth today are more aware of the results that the traditional recipe is producing.

 NULL You know the Traditional Recipe – Go to School, get a good education, then go to more school (college) and get even more education, then get a good job, work hard, be loyal and industrious and committed to your job, and eventually you will be set up to assure that your golden (age 65 and after) years will be filled with great Prosperity. The Youth today are more aware than ever of how flawed this recipe is. They can see it manifested in the results that their parents are producing. They are beginning to seriously question the “System”.

They are Hungry: More and more of our Youth today are seeking alternatives to the flawed “System” that they are recognizing.

I’m even seeing it in my own 19 year old Son – Christopher. Christopher is attending U.C. Santa Barbara – probably one of the top 5 Campuses (in terms of location) in the World. He has called me on several occasions with one simple question: “Dad, why am I in College again?” He has mentioned that he doesn’t feel that he will be using a College Degree to go out and get a J.O.B. because he’s Hungry to create something now. Thus, he decided to get started in Network Marketing and aggressively study Internet Marketing in an effort to create results now. (Interesting to note that I got started in Network Marketing when I was 19 years old as well). He’s Hungry, and there are a lot of other Teenagers and those in their early 20’s who are as well.

They are Entrepreneurial: Wow, I cannot begin to tell you of the number of young people that I’m now meeting who have a completely different mindset than the children who I was surrounded with when I was a Teenager and in my Early 20’s.

They are not thinking Jobs. They are thinking Businesses. And many of them are not even Teenagers yet. Case in Point: I recently interviewed an 11 year old Girl named A’Miracle as part of my CD of the Month program that I have available at (yes, A’Miracle is her real Birth name). The words that were coming out of this young Girls’ mouth in regards to Business were amazing. If I wasn’t sitting right there interviewing her myself, I probably wouldn’t have believed that she was 11 years old. She started her first business when she was 9 years old and now at 11, has 3 Businesses. Here’s the interesting point… neither of her parents are entrepreneurs and all of her Businesses are Profitable. Her Story is Amazing. If you want listen to the Audio of my 75 Minute Interview with her, as a special bonus for being a part of The Network Marketing Magazine, I’ll let you listen to it yourself for FREE. Just go to and fill out the form and we will make sure you get a chance to benefit from her message. It will blow you away.

They are Dedicated: I must say that I am pleasantly surprised to see the increasing numbers of Youth who are dedicated to achieve their dreams, goals, and aspirations.

At the Seminars and Trainings that I conduct around the World, I constantly see increased numbers of Teenagers and people in their 20’s in attendance. One such person is Dakota Rea. He also has an amazing story. I remember first seeing him at one of my Seminars when he was 18 years old. I could tell that he was a dynamic individual, but I didn’t know his entire story. I had no idea of what he had been through in life. I didn’t know about the drugs, about the defiant behavior, about the inner feelings that he had which had him off track. After attending that Seminar, he started to show up at all of my Seminars over the next year. He even attended my Advanced $5,000 Rhino Mastermind Millionaire Intensive. Today, at the age of 19, his dedication has paid off. He has completely transformed his way of life. He was so excited about the way he was able to make quick shifts in his life that he decided to work with other Teenagers and those in their Early 20’s in order to assist them. His coaching and training business at is really taking off. Go there and listen to the testimonials yourself. Once again, I’m seeing this Dedication in more and more of our Youth. I’ve notice that it occurs when they have a dream and have a burning desire to see it to fruition. These are just some of the reasons I believe that we deserve to put more attention in actually giving the Generation Y an opportunity to use Network Marketing as a Vehicle to catapult them into experiencing the life of their choice. Not only are many of them Aware, Hungry, Entrepreneurial, and Dedicated… But many of them are also Vibrant, Focused, Resilient, and Teachable – the exact qualities necessary to create massive Momentum in your Organization. Go, Go, Go!!! Jerry “DRhino” Clark


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Jerry Clark
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